Build Membership Area with Kajabi?

by jay113
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What's your opinion on if I should build a membership area using plug-in for my Wordpress site, or just use Kajabi, or any other alternative service?

Thank you
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    It really depends on the scope and size of your membership site and overall business.
    If you want a collective brand for all our products and the ability to monitor and manage all your membership sites from one place, then I'd say go for Kajabi.
    But you'd need to be bringing in the money, before you make that decision, I think.
    With a price tag of $200 a month you need to be able to justify spending $2,400 a year to create and maintain your sites.

    If, on the other hand, you are getting started, have a limited number of membership sites and don't mind logging in to different WordPress accounts to manage them, then I say for for a WP plugin. Some out there are really great! And most of them are a one-off payment. DAP is very popular, and so is Wishlist (both at around $300 for multiple site licence - which you MUST get, because I don't know anyone who only has one membership site!!!). A very good option is S2Member. Free or $60 for the pro version. It's an amazing plugin, it will pretty much do anything you want, but it's pretty hard to configure.
    A very easy one is Insta-Member but please do stay away from it. It's extremely buggy and has virtually no support.
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