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Just wanted to give a heads up with anyone interested in WreckingBall SMS.

Don't do it. Customer Service is awful and they do not fulfill refunds even with their clear Refund Policy which grants a 30 day refund period.

I had signed up for the 14 day trial of the software to test it out as I had an interested client. When signing up for the trial, they set you up for auto renew for the software, where you are charged $67/month. They have a 30 day return policy, so I figured if I needed to cancel, I would be okay. Unfortunately the client would not be needing any SMS services for a while, and so I did not need the monthly service. Unfortunately I forgot to cancel the trial, and was charged the $67. The day of getting charged, I contacted their support to request a refund, as they have the 30 day return policy.

This is where things got ugly.

One support member let me know that they would be cancelling my account, and while he did not mention anything about the refund, I had titled the request as "Requesting Refund", and assumed I would be getting the refund as well.

I then received another email from another support member letting me know, that "after talking with Dave Iago", that they cannot fulfill the refund, since the 14 day trial does not have a refund period after starting the new month and that it is "on the sales page". I mentioned their 30 day refund period and they have been ignoring me since.

I was able to get Dave's Skype ID where he accepted my request to add him as a contact, but he has been ignoring me and my request after I explained the situation again.

Just wanted to let this community know, since some of you may be interested in this product and shopping around for SMS Marketing Software.

Hopefully they get this resolved, but I am really disgusted by how they are doing business and how they can possibly have the audacity as professionals to not grant a refund, the same day as charging me, when they have a clear 30 day return policy.

Pretty frustrating
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    $67 per month? Wow. Do you pay for Twilio charges on top of that, or are they included in that monthly fee?
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      They are not.

      Can you recommend another service to me?

      Definitely will not be using WBSMS.
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        Originally Posted by MannyMarketing View Post

        They are not.

        Can you recommend another service to me?

        Definitely will not be using WBSMS.
        Install Openvbx and create your own apps. Its free. By doing it yourself you have total control over customizing things for your clients. PM me if you need any help.
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    yes to the openvbx...jim martin is a member here and has a great program with step by step instructions for all kinds of apps on a search ...20 bux well spent.

    free facebook ad trials . proof before payment

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