SpinnerChief - serious support problems, can't get access

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I ordered SpinnerChief based on reviews I read, and never got the validation email. I emailed the dude at whitehatautomation.com like three times and nothing. Finally desperately went to PayPal to get a refund, and they rejected me because he showed them the email with the registration code in it - which isn't enough to use the product! Now he won't send me the validation because I tried to get a refund! What a nightmare.

I'm TOTALLY frustrated and thought this was supposed to be one of the best spinner products, but can't imagine I"m the only one dealing with this mickey mouse stuff?

I'm about to call it a wash and get TheBestSpinner which I was going to get originally and now don't know why I didn't... the trial of TBS was great.

Any ideas how I can get this thing to work? Thanks Fokes
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