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Hi Everyone,

Just registered here, I have installed Mike Filsaimes Butterfly Marketing on my server and i am getting this error on the sign up page.

[Warning: curl_setopt() [function. curl-setopt]:

CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/tw1tter/public_html/inc.bottom.php on line 202]

any ideas on how i fix this? I have sent a support ticket but t says it could take up to 2 days.I am hosting my site with kiosk, checked with them and they have said it's something to do with the script?


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    It is unlikely to be a fault with the script. CURL used to be a realy good way of performing some taske in PHP, but some hosts upgraded their PHP install recently and manged to change some setting that allow CURL to work. I've encountered the same problem with some scripts that I've written that use CURL.

    In all cases, when I (or my customers) have complained to the host, the situation has been resolved. but I don't really know what it is the hosting companies have to change!

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows!

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    If you followed the videos provided by Randy and Becky, you should be above to solve the issue.

    ​​​​​​​ Free and Easy Does Not Exist? What if there is an exception...

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    Here's a fix from the other forum:

    I'm in the middle of setting up a site and I noticed my host has PHP "safe mode" enabled. When I enabled the Twitter tool I got an interesting warning about "CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION" not being allowed when safe mode or open_basedir are enabled. The fix was simple enough, it turns out that the script uses CURL to access the TinyURL API, but CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION is not needed. If your host is using safe mode or open_basedir and you get an error in your members area when you try to use the Twitter tool, here's a simple fix.

    Open up inc.bottom.php and look for this line:
    curl_setopt(, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, 1);

    Either delete that line, or comment it out (put a // at the beginning of the line).

    That eliminates the warning or error message you get and your Twitter tool will work fine, including the automatic TinyURL of your member's affiliate link.
    Hope that helps ya

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    The solution Mel posted should work (I was the one who posted that on the "other" forum lol). CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION is not required for the TinyURL API to work, I don't know why the programmers put it in there in the first place unless it was one of those "just to be safe" kind of things, but you can remove that line or comment it out with no problems. The Twitter tool will still work and you won't see the warning message anymore.

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