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Hey guys, this is a relatively new launch from Patrick Chan. Before promoting it to my list, I want to make sure its approved by Warrior Members as I havent tried it yet. I tried to search it up on imreportcard.com but since its new, no ratings yet. I wanna know if its worth it from the sales page and a bit of reading, it looks good so far.

thanks a lot as always guys.
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    To be honest, I have not seen much reviews of Patric Chan's products here lately.

    But from the feedback I got from other marketers, Patric is one of the ethical marketers who truly delivers value for money in his past selling products.

    Bought 2 of his products. Besides this one, I got his Shop Commission course which teaches you how to make money promoting Amazon products though the tutorials are done by third party he outsource.

    For this CB Passive Income, it is quite different from your usual affiliate marketing courses you have heard and probably tried. In it, Patric will provide you with a unique Clickbank link. Unique that it is not a long hoplink to a landing page.

    What you need to do is just to promote that landing page using whatever methods you know of whether it be paid or free traffic. You can write articles, blogs, post classified or PPC ads or do a senses of Youtube video reviews based on what you learnt from the course and how you go about implementing his strategies.

    Another difference is that Patric will send follow up emails to his list using YOUR affiliate link instead of his. So you do not have to worry about getting an autoresponder though I strongly encourage you to get a hosting and domain to forward to your affiliate link instead of using it for everyone to see.

    There is an upsell whereby you have the option to import all the names and email addressses of Patric's subscriber list into your own autoresponder whether it be Aweber or Getresponse. That is provided they optin through your affiliate link.

    The second upsell is truly priceless though it is not longer available until 2 November but for a limited time like last one. Patric will do everything for you. He will not only send emails but drive laser-targeted traffic to your landing page via your affiliate link. All you have to do after getting this one is send Patric your Clickbank id and he will handle the rest.

    So if you have other projects on hand like I am committed to my Amazon campaigns for upcoming Christmas-New Year promotions, you can simply outsource everything to Patric and his team. But you need to give time for them to get sales for you considering the fact they are doing this for other marketers as well.

    You have the option to pay $50 monthly for one slot or $100 monthly for 2 slots if you have a friend who wants to make money just like you. But for me, I am considering just one will do.
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      How has the program been working for you? Any sales yet made by his team for you?
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        Not yet.

        But I got about 14 leads so far.

        Apparently Patric's first Facebook ad was disapproved so there was a bit of delay between my purchase and first lead.

        As he said beforehand, he will drive traffic using these 3 sources:

        1. Facebook Ads,

        2. Solo and

        3. Google Adwords

        By the end of the month, he will be able to see which source converts best and will focus on that.

        From the way I see, most likely it will be Facebook ads as that is the first site most people go to on their PCs and mobile devices.
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    Yes, this is a very unique program that rose to #2 on the Clickbank marketplace during its launch last August. Basically it's close to an affiliate marketer's "dream come true" to have a guru send out emails to YOUR affiliate links.

    But of course, that only happens based on how many leads you collect through the system. You get to license Patric's solid, "done for you" funnel, which consists of a video squeeze page, some frontend upsells, and of course the bulk of it from the backend emails. With enough leads, you will eventually make some sales from both frontend and backend.

    Now, this funnel technically isn't 'yours', as that's the way the system is designed. Patric runs it entirely for you and sends out emails to your leads with your affiliate links.
    All you have to do is to get traffic to that squeeze page to collect leads.

    If you're a newbie, it's a fast track to getting started without even having your own website.

    If you're experienced, it's still a nice additional income stream to have in addition to your regular website and campaigns. It does take some work though to collect leads in the system, in which you invest either your time (free traffic) or money (paid traffic).
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    The other day I saw Patricks video logging into his acct. Man he is absolutely crushing it. And his system is interesting because he is going to send follow up emails for the optins you sent him.
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