Ever Heard of Online Instant Paydays?

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Anyone here ever try Online Instant Paydays and generate any income using their free advertising methods? They are a lot like Project Payday, except you have a better chance of not paying for the offers with OIP. I completed all my offers for both ZNZ1 and ZNZBigCash over a week ago, but have yet to be paid $20 by my sponsor. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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    I made some money off of referring people to project payday. I also tried ZNZ awhile back and I got about 25 people to sign up to ZNZ but, nobody did any offers so I didn't make any money. I guess if I would've stuck with it I would've made some money but I moved on to affiliate marketing and product creation.

    There are people making a lot of money with ZNZ but, based on my experience it takes a lot of work and unless you're getting lots of traffic you may have to do some cold calling to convert your traffic into sales.

    This is based off of my experience, you may have a completely different experience, I recommend you give it a try for a month or two and see if it is worth your time.

    Also, if your sponsor promised to give you $20 you should email them and let them know. Hopefully your sponsor stays true to their word.
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    I've personally made over $2,000 in one day with ZNZ by promoting ZNZ One, Big Cash And Bluray built into one system. To be honest it's easier to get people in Project Payday then it is ZNZ or Online Payday Systems. You can get in Project Payday by completing one offer which is free, or they don't have to complete an offer at all or give out credit card information if you have the special activation link which only requires them to signup for 2 websites and activating their account by email only
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      Never had any luck with these type of platforms. Cool thing is that some are free and it is a legit business for the most part. i.e Instant Payday Network...

      They give you a lot of cool free marketing tools that have value.
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    I'm doing the Instant Payday Network. It has been a month or over and I've had people to look at the business but i haven't gotten anyone to qualify yet. I think I will have to niche my market to include only people with credit cards (lol). I heard there is a way to do it without your credit card but I forgot how. I plan to continue to market it along with a few other things I do.


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      IPDN takes 3 to 4 months of a ton of youtube video marketing and tons of free classified ads as often as you can--then build your keywords --get the videos syndicated get a better autoresponder than they offer and follow up often and after all that you can do well

      i know one guy Kevin Furgeson who makes 5 grand a month at it but it took him many months and the above listed suggestions for him every single day--then there s the issue of helping those who join under you to succeed--that takes time as well--Kevin and his friend Ryan who also makes money at it built up an Instant Payday for Dummies program for newbies--so i suggest that you do your free trial offers through them to get great support in this program--just google that program and youll find them at Youtube.


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