BEWARE Instant Traffic Commissions by Jack Clayton

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Instant Traffic Commissions by Jack Clayton

Is a joke. I got the software he sells and calls NEW many years ago here on WF for about $5

I have been asking for a refund for weeks but he refuses
he also took money from my Credit card without my permission
he is now being investigated by Visa

BEWARE of this Guy Jack Clayton!!

Dean Goncalves
Jack Clayton’s program is a software which creates lead capture pages for you, but instead of asking people for their name and email, instead it gives you a special link, which after you share it with say 5 people, it will open up the valuable info (or video) for you to view…as well, those who you shared with, will again repeat the process, delivering you targeted traffic..for FREE!

Is this software anything new?
Nope…the Send a friend script has been around for ages…It works using the same principle. While Instant Traffic Commissions may be slightly different, it will still work more or less the same way.

So Does It Actually Work?
I would say…That in my experience, (I have used the send a friend script) and will very little success. People are reluctant to bother others, and more likely to skip the offer all together. So, in my opinion…It wont work,
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