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Disclosure: I am the owner of this site. It is a free service, so I'm hoping the moderator will allow this post or suggest an appropriate forum.

I would like reviews of site and script.

I recently had a form coded. It automates form processing/sorting based on the respondents answers.

I use it to sort prospects from leads but it would also be useful for customer service surveys etc.

I wanted a survey form that would post results to different locations, triggering different responses based on the respondents answers.

I ask questions to sort "Hot Prospects" and "Likely Prospects" from "Unlikely Prospects". Each triggers a different response. The "Hot Prospects" get forwarded to a PATLIVE operator for an immediate call to close the deal. The "Likely Prospects" may need more info, so go to the auto responder sequence. The "Unlikely Prospects" can be stored and possibly sold. Each category is redirected to a different "Thank You" page upon submission.

I had the coder build a form generator so that I could modify the form without php coding knowledge. I thought it would be useful for others, so created a new site for the "free form generator".

The form allows text box and radio button input. Each answer is assigned a value: POSITIVE, NEGATIVE or NEUTRAL. All text input has a default setting of NEUTRAL. You assign Radio button answers a value. The code sorts the submissions as follows:
All positive answers selected = positive result
Any negaive answers = negative result
Combination of positive and neutral = neutral result

It's meant to be simple but versatile.

Study the code rules and think about how you can apply them to your survey / form.

The site is new and a work in progress. Please leave comments / suggestions for site and the usefullness of the code generator.

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    Anyone find this useful?
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