Camtasia or Sony Vegas?

by jan roos 16 replies
I am in the process of deciding which video editing software to invest my time and money in. I a not a very technical person so I want the one that is the easiest to learn and also has the ability to create great looking videos.

Camtasia and Sony Vegas seems like the 2 top ones for me. Any suggestions?

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    Never used Camtasia but isn't it a screen capture program? If you want to edit videos especially AVCHD I would go for Vegas. If you need to record what you are doing on your computer get Camtasia.
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    Never tried Vegas, but I have to say that Camtasia is pretty basic. If you want to throw up a quick youtube vid, it works ok though.
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    I do screen-capture with Camtasia but I edit in Vegas - I'm
    just used to it and it works very well.

    If all you want to do is screen-capture Camtasia is fine - but
    there are other options as well. If you want to do talking-head
    videos get Vegas.
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    I think they're meant for different things. Camtasia is for screen capturing, (making demos etc), while Sony Vegas is used for editing videos in a broader sense. I mean the ones from your dvd camera etc... Well that's how I see them. I've used Camtasia and it's a good programme. You could also check out Wink which is a bit basic but has the advantage of being freeware.

    I've always used Adobe Premiere for video editing, but I've read good things about the Sony programme.
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    I use camtasia. I've recently heard about a product called animoto.

    it's not screen capture and it's not editing but it can take a few pictures and allow you to make an attention grabbing video
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    Camtasia works really great! Go for it..
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    I have used.. Camtasia in the past but have not heard or tried the vegas one do they have a demo people can try...

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    Haven't used Vegas, I use Camtasia and quite like it.
    Camtasia offers a 30 day full functionality free trial,
    there's no harm in testing it out for yourself and see
    if it suits your needs.

    - Insert backlink here -

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      Camtasia!!!! i love it

      But i must say i never used Sony vegas before

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    I'm surprised at the number of people who are making unqualified recommendations of one or the other without knowing what kind of videos you want to make. They're very different tools.

    Camtasia is designed for capturing video from your PC screen and creating online videos (YouTube, etc.) from what's on your PC screen. If you want to create aa PowerPoint presentation and narrate over it to create a video, or if you want a video that demonstrates a software product on-screen, that's what Camtasia is designed to do. You

    Sony Vegas is a complete non-linear editor. If you want to use a camcorder to shoot a video of someone changing the oil in their car and then edit that down into a "how-to" video or if you want to do green screen effects or studio-quality video, then Vegas is the better tool.

    If you want to do "talking head" videos you might want to check out Adobe's "Vlog It!" product. It's designed for video-blogging and has some basic green screen capability and it's cheap at $29.


    I'm a Board Certified Hypnotist. I know a little about communicating with the human mind.

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    I guess Halifax says it all. I use camtasia and love it to editing and presentations voice overs etc.
    I guess its just up to what you want to do and get a free trial and explore. Too easy.
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    with camtasia you can record your desktop thats right.
    but for that money you have to spend on camtasia, i would prefer buying sony vegas pro and take a free screenrecord program like camstudio.
    camtasia isn't the right program for editing videos the professional way.
    you can put in some lame textboxes and zoom in and out but thats it.
    with sony vegas you can add many more effects and create awesome trailers etc.
    but you have to watch quite a lot tutorials before you can start using it the way you want. isn't that intuitive like camtasia.
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      I just want to throw Keynote for MacBook in the hat. Keynote compares with Camtasia as it records screenshots. Easy to use with great results. It is the preferred method of Lee Benson of Marketing Quickies.
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    I have used camstudio to capture and Sony Vegas 9.0 to edit. Has anyone used Jing?

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    I have been using camstudio and haven't tried sony vegas but I would recommend camstudio for screen recording.

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