Is Carbon Copy Pro only for the rich? Is it MLM?

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Is Carbon Copy Pro on the level? I've heard it's very expensive and that it's not really an mlm business.
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    I've also been very curios about what this is all about.
    I emailed one of the affiliates the other day, and the response I got was:
    You have subscribed to my list through the system, the system can explain itself much better than I can (and bother to) do. So just follow the link in the email. "

    But the website isn't very informative is it?
    It just tries to get us curious. And then I'm supposed to pay $50 + $15 sh to apply for their course...

    What is this all about?
    I wanna know. Is it MLM? 2Up? Affiliate Marketing?

    Hi. :)

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    CCP is a marketing system. I think it probably has an affiliate
    program for participants. The monthly fee is around $150
    per month to use it I think.

    It is a marketing system for Wealth Masters International -
    a program which promoters are ostensibly barred from discussing
    in forums for some reason. This may have changed. There
    is no ban on affiliates discussing CarbonCopyPro - and anyway,
    since I'm not affiliated with either I am under no restrictions.


    It's an MLM as much as any 2-level affiliate program is MLM -
    just on 2-levels.

    Such statements evoke shrieks of protest from IMers who "hate MLM"
    and love affiliate marketing.

    Basically (I'm not in the program so I don't know all the details) -
    it's an affiliate program for those who buy the product - with
    your "sponsor" earning an "over-ride" commission on each sale
    you make.

    When you earn an over-ride from affiliates you personally
    sponsor your own sponsor earns nothing from that sale -
    thus it is a 2-level affiliate program which allows all affiliates
    to sponsor as many people as they are able to - in MLM
    this is known as unlimited width.

    If you come-in without buying the product you would have to
    "pass-up" several sales in order to qualify to earn commissions.
    I'm not sure how many. It is probably a hybrid between an
    2-level affiliate and a 2-up direct sales program - depending on
    what level of commitment you made yourself with regards to
    purchasing the products and seminar tickets yourself.

    Hope this helps.
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      have you personally worked with such model? what's your experience about this kind of marketing?

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    I've worked with 1-ups and 2-ups. It's real sales, real
    marketing - not selling ebooks. You have to look at selling
    as a profession to succeed in the business, otherwise you
    won't get the results you want or even (probably) recoup
    your investment.

    Many of these companies say they are in the personal
    development business - and they are -because it's about
    developing real skills, people skills, sensitivity, marketing
    skills too. You can make a lot of money in direct sales -
    but if you are not able to work on your own selling skills
    and speak with prospects you probably won't - because
    when you use "systems" where other people are supposed
    to make the calls for you they'll call once or twice - real
    sales requires rigorous follow-up and in many cases the sale
    will happen after months and months of consistent marketing.

    I'm not saying you should chase people on the phone - just
    that people want to make the right decision so if you want
    to succeed in sales you need to be prepared to really go
    the distance. Most people don't have what it takes, which
    is why new programs pop-up and promoters "jump in" because
    that way they can cash-in on hype and the bandwagon
    effect... which lasts about a month and then you can expect
    your results to flatline unless you have actual business-building

    Building a real business requires commitment. Join my free
    membership site - I explain it in there in multiple formats.
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