Traffic With Anthony Honest Review

by Juba1
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Traffic With Anthony Review

Hi Guys

I need to post this review in the hope none of you fall into the trap set up by these people.
I purchased this service yesterday and it took ages before getting to the actual product owing to the amount of upsells. I nearly lost the will to live and thought the offers would never end. I even had to pause it because I have a life outside the internet.
You can't use the product without purchasing the software but sneakily, they don;t mention that when you buy the course. I contacted 'Anthony' about this and asked for a refund seeing as the course didn't work without purchasing the software and a host of other products.

The reply was yet another link to buy another product which was an insult to intelligence.
There is obviously NO money back guarantee and seems to be yet another scam.

If I ever get my $7 refund lol, I'll update you here but I'll avoid my local cafe for a couple of days to recover the loss.

This is probably the worst so called product I've ever experienced and please please please, whatever you do, don't get conned into this.

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    wow..listening to the video now, but every sales video/sales site, etc gets filtered by a WF search anyway. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.
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    You may want to check these complaints before you buy:

    Ripoff Report | anthony-morrison directory of Complaints & Reviews
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      Damn! Broke my usual Golden Rule and purchased without checking out WF first.

      Not only is this the most convoluted and sneaky sales process ever, but the claim that it is PC compatible isn't even true! I have many PC's NONE of which run MS Windows and NONE of them is a MAC (which these days is only an overpriced PC anyway). So I CANNOT use this software without using a VM and I can't find ANYWHERE or any means to be able to claim my refund. There is NO support link of any kind and NO means of contacting the vendor other than by snail mail. I'm just glad I didn't purchase at the FULL price. This kind of duplicitous advertising and snake-oil salesmanship just sucks ... BIG time!

      Here's a plea to all other WSO vendors that happen to read this ... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop advertising something as "PC compatible" or "Runs on PCs" when what you really mean is "Runs on proprietary OSes only" i.e. MS Windows or MAC OS (state which versions too!!)

      The world and his dog runs on FAR more (and better) platforms these days than just those two! Software runs on, and requires, an operating system and has precious little to do with the underlying hardware which can usually run many different OSes. Sensible vendors/developers are starting to realise that an open platform approach is better - in the worst case, develop using something akin to Adobe Air or better yet ... provide online web access to the app (that's compatible with ALL major browsers).

      I'd like to have been able to offer some kind of review of the software here, some kind of saving grace, but sadly I can't.

      As for Anthony and his devious sales approach - AVOID!
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          Supposedly this is the email to contact them for a refund: and supposedly there is a 60 day money back guarantee. I am waiting to see if they actually come through.
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    THis is why I love the Warrior Forum, thanks warriors I would never recommend this product if thats your honest review . by the way make sure to check before buying

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    I would like to say first that this is a real honest post from a REAL user of the software.

    Wow guys i have a lot of respect for the WF forum. And just because Anthony trained me wont make me say this product is good if its not. I totally agree with webmaestro about making software available across all platforms. I have a IMAC and regular PC i use it on both.

    I wouldnt promote something that isn't working for me nor even post here if i wasnt making money with "traffic with anthony". I've been using the software since it was introduced in the marketer software program 2 months ago. I bought this and The "success with anthony 2.0 course" a while back and yes there was offer after offer as i see in alot of other products so didnt surprise me any.

    Honestly i probably would have given a bad review if i had not seen results, however thats not the case.

    I didnt really need to do alot of the training since Tim Donovan did a demo of it on a webinar and showed us exactly what to do with it and how to step in front of others traffic to make your own commissions by providing stats to know when their videos are going viral before they do so you can use them.

    Guys i understand that you might not like all the extra offers or the sales funnel, but this stuff works. I am a marketer that researched his butt off about the ins and outs of online marketing before diving into buying softwares and such, so i utilize the software to speed up the process of the actual youtube affiliate marketing method, which is all the software automates for you anyway. and i must say that if you understand what the purpose of the software is you cant go wrong.

    This thing actually builds entire affiliate youtube pages with other peoples videos that are deemed as "going viral" reuploads video to your niche similar page and replaces their description link with your affiliate link. And thats only 1 function of it

    Im not here to pitch or try to change anyone's thoughts about traffic with anthony software. Im here just to say that "It works" Aside from everything else i make decent affiliate commissions just by building niche specific youtube channels with 20-50 videos all with the affiliate link in the description and the software uploads the vids you are tracking and the cloaks links automatcally.

    I say learn the method and youll win with the software. This is exactly what i did. If you need more details please refer to my blog right here on the forum.

    I know there will be those that disagree and i welcome questions because with me being someone that has also purchased WSOs that dont work im skeptical about forking out money on anything that looks "too good to be true" but the point here is i posted because this software unlike many does work and i am proof of that.
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    Thanks for all the insight and sharing your experience. I've learned to avoid these offers from them.
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    This guy does not answerer emails and can't get approved for the affiliate companies he says to use. buyer beware.
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