by Gee S
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Ok so I get another email about this product called PR Massacre....

Whats the deal with this, is it black hat or white hat? Only reason i ask is because it seems to use a different apporach I've not seen before to gain traffic.


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    I think it is about sending traffic from PR websites and this is a good thing. Using PR sites you can drive soooo much traffic.
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    Apparently its about pinging websites, and receiving backlinks and traffic that way. But is that a viable a long term method??
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    Yeah, I got the email too. I wonder who sold them that address.

    This is basically a log file spammer. It hits sites with your chosen referrer url. See all those referrers in your logs, but there is no backlink? That's what this tool does.

    The benefit is for sites whose log files are left out in the open and spidered by the SEs = links for you.

    Some consider this blackhat/spammy, and I'll leave that classification up to you.

    It is not a good sole source for links - the exposed log file report pages usually have a lot of referral links on them, and they just aren't valuable pages for your links. This is compensated for by doing them by the thousands.

    It's not really what I would call long term viable unless you're doing it every day. This is more of a supplemental thing to your other linking strategies.

    Some people really hate this kind of thing and you could make enemies with it, so it should be done on domains/sites that can't be traced back to you.
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    Is there a manual anywhere on how to use PR Massacre?
    Is this old outdated software?
    Does anyone know how to use it????
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    I just started using this product, and am getting traffic to the sites I used it on, but can't say I'm getting any SEO bump.
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    I hate their ways to sale.
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  • I wonder about the lack of targeted traffic from it.......

    Sort of sounds like PR Storm, from a while back.
    Improvise Adapt Overcome
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    the higher the page rank, the better it is for your site

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      I'd say it's a rehash of PR storm with a different name, you can read about PR storm all over the web.

      I wouldn't say the untargeted traffic would be much good, but never used it so I couldn't say for sure.


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