WOW! Tool that finds THOUSANDS of affiliates (CB or GLOBAL) in minutes

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I want to present to you a software that can help many people improve their business, and automaticaly, their profits. We all know that gathering affiliates is a very hard job that requires lots of time an patience.
In my oppinion the time consuming part should be the one in wich we communicate and make relationship with our business partners, and not the one where we have to search the entire web to find them.

The Find Affiliates tool from EMarketing Helper let's you do just that. Below I will show you a video of the tool in action :
You can use this tool for free for 15 days. It has not limitations, you don't have to buy it if you don't like it, just give it a try.
Download the software from :

I am waiting oppinions on this software.

I wish you all a great day,
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    This is not the ideea of the software. I don't aggree with spamming.
    People can use it how they chose, but if this is used how it should be used, people can really boost their business.
    The purpose of the collected emails are to establish a relationship between vendor and affiliate.

    Thank you,
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      Rule #5. "No threads will be accepted if the owner of the product is posting their own product just so it gets advertised. We can tell, so please don't try it."

      This area of the forum was established for "Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings"...


      "Self Promotion of Internet Marketing Products"

      Maybe this thread needs to be moved to the Classifieds Section.

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      ~ JoeCool

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