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I am planning to learn CPA from an expert.. I found ivan ong and he have lot of successful students. Any warriors have experience with his coaching...
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    I've only heard great things about him and his coaching.

    I don't think you will go wrong with him.

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    Hey... whats up people... i saw my name here... lol~
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    i am going to try to answer this one...i use to wonder the same thing. there is alot more money in coaching than actually doing. it is guaranteed money unlike other im stuff.
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    Well, I regard Charles Ngo as the prince of the CPA industry. Just yesterday he lashed out at Ivan.

    New to Mobile Marketing? Here's What's Making Money - CharlesNgo.com - Affiliate Marketing. Internet Marketing.

    I know Charles Ngo, he is a fine person but I think he must have a reason for lashing out...
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    I wouldn't recommend joining his course. My mate did it and he regrets it. And if Charles Ngo criticizes him, something must be wrong with Ivan...
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    I've joined for quite long time and can give a simple neutral stats & opinion.

    Look at the testimonials, less than 20 students have big results.
    Look at the number of students as of now: 260.

    Many are losing money each month and struggling.

    Personally, I am having trouble getting any reply from him whenever I need help, only place I can get advise is from other students(we have a private fb page). At this price point I would at least expect getting reply directly from him.

    We were taught direct linking. Is it in great depth? Certainly not. We were also never taught how to build a good landing page and target different angle to maximize our chances.

    Without a doubt some have succeeded. The system works, but I personally believe that it's not the most cost effective system around. Some students tested more than 50 campaigns to find their first profitable campaign. To me, this number doesn't make sense. I have my doubts here. Are we doing it right, or just randomly throwing everything on the wall and see what sticks?

    More often than not we get comments like "don't give up, keep trying" from other members. Don't get me wrong, motivations are great. But someone that never give up after testing more than 50 campaigns, is going to be successful with or without this coaching. I mean, imagine creating 50 campaigns. Chances are you will find a profitable campaign. No?

    I have yet to found a profitable campaign and is still working on it.
    I would say that it's way overpriced and not as helpful as I wished it could be.
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      Here's just something to think about.

      While I don't personally know Ivan and haven't been through his training, I believe he is onto something and I'll tell you why:

      1. His students I think are kicking the tail end of other coaches in the biz. He has an ADVANTAGE which is teaching his students how to run certain types of campaigns that give Asians an ADVANTAGE. This is what I see from a distance.

      He has found an advantage and is kicking some real tail with it. Now, I'm not sure he discloses these advantages right off the bat to all students or if he only explains them after students have proven they can attain a modicum of success with the basics. I believe his campaigns or on Asian cpa sites and some are in foreign languages...that gives him a big advantage vs. non-Asian cpa marketers who can't compete with his knowledge of the Asian cpa market and terms. Or that's what I think.

      He and his students combined are doing 1 million a month, or that is what he says and I think provides some evidence of. There HAS to be a competitive ADVANTAGE to do those numbers. In other words, they are beating the heck out of some other players on the cpa game board. And you can BET those other players are pretty pissed about it.

      2. Remember that when someone is criticized, there is often a vested interest at steak. I don't personally know Mr. Ngo at all. I know he's respected. I'm sure he ALSO has friends who are in the coaching business. Is that a fair assumption? You wonder if this is an objective criticism or not.

      3. I think Ivan's success ratio is very good. Ivan NEVER said it was easy. He openly discloses how many hours you need to work to be successful which is a lot. He tells about the back problems he had from spending so many hours at the computer. Fact is, MOST students don't follow instructions and quit too easily.

      4. There is a learning curve to anything. Ivan is very transparent about this in my opinion. He pretty much goes overboard to explain his method takes a lot of long hours in the beginning and won't make much money for 3-6 months. And you will lose in the first few months. From what i read on his blog, it takes a LOT more than 50 campaigns to have success. This is a COMPETITION. You are COMPETING against other very sharp, talented people.

      5. I don't know the inside of Ivan's training. From what I've seen he has an office with staff of 12 or so to help students. And they take phone calls. It would seem to me he is adequately staffed to give support. From what read they offer phone support and NOT just fb group support. I could be wrong but I believe that is clearly stated and shown in his office pictures and explanation of staff. Normally, people don't have an office with SUPPORT STAFF if they don't want to support people.


      1. I *believe* Ivan has found a competitive advantage or a way to run campaigns that gives people in Asian an advantage.

      I don't think there is ANY way his students can

      2. This is going to GREATLY piss off people in other countries who have problems competing against his students.

      3. Keep in mind that people who criticize SOMETIMES have a vested interest in doing so, although not always. You have to decide for yourself if the person is boosting their own students and coaching program or that of their friend or friends.

      4. Since I don't personally know Ivan, don't know his coaching contents, etc, what I'm saying is only based on what I've seen and read on his site.

      5. I don't know C. Ngo and haven't read his comments on Ivan. It's up to the buyer to decide the validity of his comments.

      In short, I *think* Ivan has found a competitive advantage in how his students run campaigns. And that is why they are beating other people in the Game. If you plan on buying the coaching, you should ask Ivan about this.

      I also wonder if he reveals this to ALL students or only those who prove themselves willing to work hard and follow his instructions.

      6. Ivan makes it clear he worked an awful lot of 12 hour days and has back problems. People getting into thinking 50 campaigns is enough and a month or two of effort will cut it really do NOT understand it's about COMPETITION and beating out other players in the cpa Game. That isn't something you simply, easily or casually do. You work your tail end off. But the rewards are there for the people who can find an advantage in the Game.

      7. No matter who you buy from, do your due diligence and buyer beware. That goes without saying.

      Marlon Sanders

      PS: I just read the Charles Ngo piece and he alleges that screen caps from Ivan's students are fake. Well, in his YOUTUBE account, MULTIPLE students DO show the actual video inside their accounts. I think proves at least THOSE students are real. Others give pretty detailed audio interviews. That's way more than just a screen cap in terms of evidence. Also, the students POST their EARNINGS or losses monthly in the FB group.
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        Well, Its all up to the buyer. I am certainly not one of them. Anyone can agree to disagree but for me? Ivan is a big no no if you want to learn some solid stuff for a long term business strategy.

        Again, this is a personal opinion derived after going thru his course material and comparing with other courses online with the same price point, his course doesn't make the cut.

        As far as the showdown is concerned, I think its a wake up call that there's quite a pool of unhappy students out there and there's no fire without smoke. Things might get a few inches out of hand and its time for some serious quality check instead of doing mass numbers for the coaching. After all, it's top dollar they are paying and standards are expected.

        But call me biased or whatever, I tend to lean more towards Charles and hopefully Ivan will address the underlying issues rather than brush it away as an act of trying to fall him down. Hopefully, he will not let his "success" get way over his head. Being humble is a virtue and i would never proclaim myself successful till i reach spiritual enlightenment.
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          Well guys I posted about this topic on my blog , tried to keep both side in my mind however , sadly after my post i got too much of the feedback which is surely negative and I can't believe people are loosing so much money here .. Still waiting to hear more stuff but so far after reaction I got after my blog post I am more on Charles Ngo's side ...

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          Originally Posted by Daniel Ong CW View Post

          As far as the showdown is concerned, I think its a wake up call that there's quite a pool of unhappy students out there and there's no fire without smoke. Things might get a few inches out of hand and its time for some serious quality check instead of doing mass numbers for the coaching. After all, it's top dollar they are paying and standards are expected.
          I have to agree that despite the price we paid, the support we get is downright disappointing. Ivan would not reply to any PM and you will have to publicly ask him in the fb page for him to reply.

          It's true that with the mass coaching, he is unable to focus on his students and basically left them bleeding to death with their campaigns. With 200+ students, I very much doubt if he personally know all his students. Many of them joined via group seminar and did not get any personal attention from Ivan.

          I would say find someone who really cares about his students. Contrary to popular belief, there is no secret sauce to Ivan's method.

          Read up charlesngo.com, the free info provided are even better than Ivan's materials IMO.
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