for a shop?

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Please appraise this name, is the .org good for an online shop? thanks.
the name is:
#petstoreorg #shop
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    The best domain is a .com.

    The Pets Shack is available right now. THEPETSSHACK.COM
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    That's not a bad name, but as burgerboy said, .com is better. Also, without dashes is better, but only one dash is the least problematic and usually ok.

    The best thing about the domain is if you're targeting the phrase "pet store," your links and url will naturally have your KW.

    I personally don't like domains with "the" as the leading word, but have used them. Also I try to avoid the double S as it's harder to read and just doesn't look good to me. (Petshack would be better - have no idea of availability.)

    The main thing to consider when picking a domain and how particular you're going to be is this - how much focus and effort are you going to put into it?

    If this a main domain that you'll work on every day for several months, pick something brandable, short and easy to remember.

    If it's one of many, you'll build and forget, or it's a test market for you, then use keywords in the domain for your desired rankings. Don't worry to much over it, just buy one that makes sense for ranking, build it and move to the next task.

    (You should always have your preliminary niche research, KW work and a plan done BEFORE buying your new domain. These things help you pick the right domain for the site.)
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    • Profile picture of the author jasbloger was the only free reasonable domain about pet shops. And this word is queried over 5000 times daily in google. pet shack have no queries at all
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    While it's great that the domain has your keywords in it and those keywords get lots of searches, that's pretty much the only thing going for it, in my opinion. Putting a commercial store on a .org is not a good idea, you rarely see that. Though anyone can buy it, .org is usually for organizations, usually non-profit types. Also, the dash is a problem. I stopped buying domains with dashes years ago, simply because it's difficult to tell someone the name. You see someone at the grocery store and go, hey I just launched a new website selling pet supplies! Visit it at
    You have to *say* dash or hyphen! Likewise if you have a phone number that you plan to answer, you have to answer Lots of people don't like that or can get confused by it. I'd prefer a .com without a dash. But good luck with your store, whatever you decide.
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