Commission Fast Start by Justin James

by MBenti
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Anybody hear of this or use it. Thinking about it please provide any details.
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    Hey MBenti: Did anyone response to your post? I am also wondering if anybody on WF has heard of Commission Fast Start by Justin James. I am sick and tired of being scammed. This time around, I am doing my due diligence before I fall hook, link and sinker. LMK if you find anything out. Thanks! P.S. I don't trust all the negative reviews about folks out there on the Internet. Who knows they just may be posting negative remarks b/c they didn't follow the steps or put in the time That's why I prefer to get my fact findings from forums like WF.
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    4 exit pops... discounts after discounts... if a product is that good why sell so hard?

    nuff said. just my thoughts.
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      Hi everyone, bought this 2 weeks ago. After 3 exit popups you can get it for $9. What you get is access to members area where you will find a few videos. Basically you can choose a domain name (this would be a subdomain of one of his domains so no hosting required on your side). Your site will sell an affiliate product. You get an upsell from Justin to have additional 5 sites like these (5 other products to promote). After 3 exit popups for $17. Videos in the members area show you how to set up AWeber autorersponder messages, how to generate traffic by suggesting you sign up to WebFire software, and by purchasing solo ads. All this stuff is nothing new. You can get your own affiliate links (websites) to promote products through Clickbank for example, buy WebFire yourself for the same price, but solo ads for even less than what he is offering. What annoys me really is that all purchase recommendations are via his affiliate links (he gets commission for you signing up to whatever he is asking you to do). I did not buy anything what he recommends on his members site. As soon as you buy CommissionFastStart you will also start getting automated emails from him every day, offering you something new (more affiliate offers), not even related to CommissionFastStart. Emails are signed with different name, not sure of this guy's real name. As for customer service - 0 points, sent him an email the 1st day asking about something, to date no reply.
      Verdict: don't waste your time and money, nothing real here to build your own business, stay clear, don't stuff his pockets with your money!
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        simon77, thanks for the review, it will save lots of time money and energy,
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    I've purchased Commission Fast Start and haven't had any problems so far. It's true that if you try to exit you will get the price down to $9. This is the basic level. You sign up for Aweber for one dollar and they walk you through all the steps to get your autoresponder up and running. You can start making at the $9 level by selling his system. He offers several ways to build your list. There is a price to pay but I don't know any start up business that doesn't have a price. It's like if he asks you to purchase something it's a scam. Basically he's an affiliate marketer. He's selling his product. I see nothing wrong with that. It's the system I like. You don't have to use any of his affiliate programs. You can use Clickbank which is free to join or Clicksure which he recommends and is also free. What he does sell is several list of people interested in making money online. The price ranges from $30 - $240. The $30 list tests the system. I don't think two weeks is enough time to try it out. I'll let you know if it worked for me. I have to give the system 72 hours after I purchase my list. Yes I'll be putting money in his pocket in the hopes that it will put money in mine.
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    Keep your money in your pocket folks, as you just have to Google this jerk to know what he is all about! He has been involved in other so called money making ventures in the past bordering on the side of being a scam. BEWARE! You have been informed.
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    I just bought 6figure tool kit from justin james again if you try to leave you can get it down to $9 the next up sell you can get down to $17 the next up sell will cost you $49 I am now all paid up and ready to go but now there one more up grade to gold member it will be your membership to WEBFIRE Gold member and he says once you are in you will get all leads you will be able to handle at a cost 1year $347 = $29 a month or 6 month for $199 = $33 a month or $49 a month the 1st ofers are up front payments and the $49 is on going have come this far into it I am thinking of giving the 6 month ago but just thinking there might be a catch with more up sales or having to pay per click anyway. Has anyone got this far into it and if so what happens next?
    I think I have spent about £4500 in the last 18 months and all scams have yet to make any money online.
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