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Has anyone heard of the software Avalanche X or Nathan Kass? I was promised a copy but no delivery, was wondering if the whole thing is fake? If you know him, please message me how I can get in touch, thanks!
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    I was on a webinar for it a couple days ago and paid a lot of money to join his system. He showed himself making commissions with it in minutes, so far I haven't made any in 24 hours.

    We'll see what happens over the next few days.
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      Thank you for this information. I would have been taken too. Warrior forum is the best.
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        I almost joined at £627 but thought to check it out at the WF - glad I did thanks to all you guys & girls I have saved myself a bundle...
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          Originally Posted by dasinfo View Post

          I almost joined at £627 but thought to check it out at the WF - glad I did thanks to all you guys & girls I have saved myself a bundle...
          Interesting, I just received an email today from Anthony Morrison saying, "Hey, I didn't see this coming, but Nathan Kass has made his almost mythical Avalanche X software suite available again with a twist... He's NOT charging you for it. Complete your campaign setup now: Watch This Now
          - Anthony"

          How did you almost get hit for GBP627 joining fee??
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      How much did you pay for the Avalanche X System.
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      Originally Posted by TrevorGreenfield View Post

      I was on a webinar for it a couple days ago and paid a lot of money to join his system. He showed himself making commissions with it in minutes, so far I haven't made any in 24 hours.

      We'll see what happens over the next few days.
      Well Trevor, it's been a while since you've had AvalancheX software. Does it work? Have you made any money from it, or is it a scam?
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    fastearners club (seems also a scam) promised a free copy of avalance x if I bought their binary trading software and deposited $250 to redwood options, but never received the free copy, I saw on another forum that they bought avalance x full price and it never worked and they couldn't get a refund, luckily I got all my refunds for what I paid fastearbers club. Lewis
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    This is nonsense. Why? For all the above mentioned reasons PLUS in the sales webinar itself, it clearly states that hosting or any type of web service is required yet for this free software, they want you to sign up for the hosting service they are affiliates for. Ridiculous scam marketing. If you are dishonest in any way, it is fair to call it scam. And this clearly falls in that category.
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      I received the first email about this tonight. He says it is normally $997 but today it is free. Then at the end he goes on to say he can only sell 40 copies, and "HOLY CRAP" the sales are coming in so fast he only has one copy left! So hurry and get your copy and if you don't make sales he will give you $500! Well, if it sold that well, how come he was putting on the webinar, and how come I was able to click the download now button. Don't you think that last copy would be gone? And who makes money giving out 40 copies after hosting a webinar? Ahhhh the trick is you have to sign up with an unknown hosting company, and unlike all I have dealt with, you can only buy yearly subscriptions, minimum $89.00.
      I stayed away from all those "free" websites that Jonathan was making everyone for various companies for the very same reason. I will pick my own hosting company, thank you. And that stubbornness saved me a ton of money.
      But at least all you guys that invested and can't reach him, now know he owes you $500!
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        Yes I actually watched this webinar a couple months ago and was actually yelling at my computer for him to reload the page when he showed his ''Brand New CB Account!" and then when he finally did I saw all that money and knew it was a scam. I mean look at the comments as they come in every comment is perfect with the commas and all that crap! I just received the same email today from Anthony Morrison stating it was free and then I noticed that hosting crap and got out of that quick! Anthony and his brother Adrian also along with Paul James now are all about each other! I was just on Paul James webinar couple nights ago and TIM DONOVAN was on there (what do you know!!!!) and he was selling AUTO TRAFFIC ACCELERATOR as his own freaking software for a $97 a month!!!! I bought it off of Anthony months ago for $34 I think! Trust me it was worth about 3 blades of grass! I was BLOWING up the comment box and not once did he acknowledge me!!! I feel bad for anyone who deals with any of these guys....stay away
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    Hey guys - thanks for the heads up about this. I see there is already one complaint logged at scambook.com for this chap. And yes - I am giving this a miss!
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    thaks a lot... just now i saw the webinar i thought of purchase it. but i decided not to buy
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    I too signed up for Avalanche X and got NOTHING for it. Not an e-mail, software, nothing. NO one to contact or anything. Tried replying to e-mails from Justin Price. No reply back. Dag, I wish I had checked here first.

    I didn't pay for it but I had to get the hosting in order to get it $89

    Does any at least have a link to the software so I can use it.

    My heart sank when I didn't get anything and no reply from them

    I actually went back to the webinar and copied the url he used into my browser and brought up the soft ware but it didn't have all of the links, no members area, video training etc. But I made my sites and have made nothing in 24 hours. Not sure if they were supposed to authorize something first.

    They also tried to force me into buying traffic to make it work but I said no, it was supposed to be working without that.
    What ashamed!!! I bought it via an Anthony Morris link. I trusted him. SMH!!!
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    Thanks so very much! You people are the best here online! Glad I am member. Yes, the software looks great. like the perfect product. I was hoping there would be some responses today from those that bought last nite. I bought into "profit with michael" program and they don't have anyway to contact them either & won't answer any questions I send by email. Does anyone have any info about this product? Bless You & Yours!
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    This is an expensive scam - huge monthly hosting costs but no website arrives - support says it's getting back in 24 to 48 hours - probably never. Nathan Kass is fiction & the previous release of Avalanche X failed to produce so this is no more than a disreputable taking advantage of unsuspecting internet hopefuls.

    For your Free Social Media Traffic Guide -
    Click here with my compliments ...

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    Thanks for the insight...There are so many so called guru's out there - stating that they have the secret to making instant money. Always preying on the innocent to make a quick buck - which puts doubt in many people's mind about working online. It's getting to a point that most you cannot trust any email that you opening. But, I also know there are some really honest guru's out there trying to help others. It's the dishonest one's that give the guru's a bad name. Just my thought....
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      Thanks Guys,

      Just received this in an email from minion10080@minicloud.com on behalf of DollarsOnDemand Team.

      They are promoting it as `a new way to trade binary options` - all the usual blurb plus bonuses.

      This is the unacceptable face of IM.

      Good that we check the forum before being suckered in.
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        Hello People!

        I almost bought into this one as well, but thank God I came here FIRST, one
        can always trust the reviews/opinions of "normal" (NON-Guru) people like us
        to tell it like it is!

        Another thing that concerns ME and you should all know about this, is the fact
        that "Avalanche X" is NOT FREE, well not when it is all "boiled down"!

        Let me explain what I mean by that:

        Yes sure, the actual SOFTWARE itself may be free...BUT...to GET it, you are
        required to pay a hosting fee at a hosting company called "Optimal Hosting"
        which hopefully is a legitimate hosting company...

        but that "hosting" of the Avalanche X software will cost you (example from site):

        $14-95 per month ($89-70 for six months).

        So, in the REAL WORLD..."Avalanche X" is NOT FREE AT ALL!

        Think about it!

        Cheers all! "S.L."
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    Has anyone had any success with AvalanceX?
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    I wish I had come here first before I purchased Avalanche X.

    Lesson learned. I also bought SEO package....Shame on me.

    I also bought it via an Anthony Morris link. I trusted him too.

    I have never said anything negative about a product or service I have bought before.

    It is such a shame.
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  • I was actually thinking about promoting as an affiliate... VERY glad I did not.

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    I just saw the webinar, people was begging him to let them buy.. good I checked it here ! Sorry for the people that lost their money .
    I did that many times too.. but now I first look for reviews and Info , thanks to the WarriorForum !
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      Hi Guys!

      Here is an update...at LAST a POSITIVE one:

      I have had several sorrespondences with "Optimal Hosting"...complaining about this product
      "Avalanche X" and telling them how the SOFTWARE is supposed to be free, but the software
      creators/vendors CON us into paying money for Hosting in order to actually GET the software!

      In other words I basically said that "Avalanche X" is giving us misleading information, by saying
      that their software is FREE to use, as clearly it is NOT free, since we are required to take up Hosting
      in order to get it and then USE it!

      Well "Optimal Hosting" have "come to the party" and have cancelled any billing that was DUE to
      be charged to my credit card account and I have that cancellation in writing. so I want to make it
      very CLEAR that the Hosting company "Optimal Hosting" is trustworthy and

      Here now is their last correspondence with me and following that, my response:


      Hi David,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      As per your request, we have cancelled your pending order for the following services:

      2014 Global Cloud ($14.95 Monthly) - actionmanavalanchex.com

      Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Florence M.
      Customer Support

      Web Hosting Services - Cloud Based Web Hosting by Optimal Hosting

      Here then is my very "thankful" final reply:


      Dear Florence!

      Thank you SO MUCH for fulfilling my request to cancel my INTENDED subscription!

      Trust me when I say that it had NOTHING at all to do with any dissatisfaction with
      your Company "Optimal Hosting"...not at all!

      The problem was (and still WILL BE for many unsuspecting people!), that the company
      that basically "insisted" that for US to use their "money-making" Internet Marketing
      software...we were required to use Optimal Hosting in order to actually access and
      USE their software program!

      Oh yes...of COURSE their software program was supposed to be (and WOULD BE),
      totally FREE...BUT we could NOT gain access TO IT...without the "Optimal Hosting"!

      The software program I am referring to is: "Avalanche X" and here is a LINK to their
      main website promotional page: http://XXXXXXXXXXXXX.com/

      May I suggest that you ask your Company's Managers to LOOK INTO THIS and
      consider DISASSOCIATING themselves and "Optimal Hosting" from Avalanche X,
      as it is NOT a good thing for your Company's REPUTATION to be associated with
      such scams (and it IS a scam) as the so-called FREE "Avalanche X" software system
      and it's promoters!

      Here is another "link" I would suggest your Company's Managers to have a good look at!
      It is a "thread" on the well-known and highly respected Warrior Forum, that exposes
      "Avalanche X" for what it truly IS...a scam!
      I would strongly recommend that they read
      the ENTIRE thread...right to the very last post! Here is the link:


      I sincerely HOPE you People will DO something about this!

      Kindest Regards: DAVID (Melbourne, Australia).


      So, as I said People...something POSITIVE for a change!

      Regards: DAVID.
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    Billy D just sent me an email about this so he`s now going to be unsubscribed from my emails. only way to go.
    I usually try WF for posts about things like this & I am so glad I check first. I am going to unsubscribe everyone who sends tripe like this.

    Whenever "they" say something is free I try & dig till I find out where the hidden costs are.
    All you marketers should have more ethics than this.
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    I just got an invitation for a "free" download of Avalanche X. I googled it and saw that there was a thread here. I have been to the Warrior Forum before and found excellent information so I was interested in seeing what was being said here.

    Just as I thought, another fraud! Does anyone know a real traffic generating program.

    Thanks again for the forum and the honesty that I have found here.

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      Thank you guys,

      thank you for your Reviews. I getting the link for avalanceX I stopped by the Warrior Forum to check out, even bevore watching his video.

      So thanks Warrior Forum, you saved me a lot of time!
      Thumbs up
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        It's a scammy Clicksure product.
        I can't believe that this kind of scams are still allowed in the IM space.
        IMers like Tracey Hawthorne and Anthony Morrison dare to promote this crap, and of course I unsubscribed from their lists.
        Perhaps in the future will be created some sort of Court of notable and renowned experts who can qualify products launched on the market, many of which serve only to deceive unsuspecting people.
        I'd gladly pay for that service.
        Meanwhile -- thanks God -- the Warrior Forum is indirectly fulfilling that goal through its members.
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