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Let me first just say, i'm a bit new to email marketing. I have a service/product that targets real estate agents. In the past, I have used a company that sends emails out to these agents based on location. Typically, I sent out about 50,000 emails per campaign. It is somewhat successful, however, it is their list and I have no control over any part of it. What i want to do is purchase my own list of real estate agents and use an email service where I have a bit more control over the list.

Anyone have any recommendations??? I know most email companies will not allow you to send emails to a purchased list. I really don't want to deal with the technical stuff...setting up smpt, etc.
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    You need to be so careful these days. Autoresponder services are getting more fussy about what they will allow. I am with SendReach and they even monitor reading and click thru rates, closing down lists with a response rate that is too low.

    You would be much better wooing these guys yourself and building your own responsive list - although I know that isn't really what you wanted to hear! That way you can still use an autoresponder but it will be a slower start.

    If what you have to offer is really worthwhile, you could do a snail mail shot for starters asking them to register at your site for more info. Or you could advertise in their magazines and/or put flyers through their doors.

    Start local and build towards national.
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