Software like Affiliate Elite (but that works)?

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I just purchased Affiliate Elite because I wanted to find the top affiliates for my competitors.

Unfortunately though, the software doesn't seem to work. It probably hasn't been updated in years for all I know.

Are there any other software out there where you can insert a Clickbank merchant ID and get a list of all their affiliates, how much they're selling etc?
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    I too would like to know if such software exists. I just purchased this (Affiliate Elite) a few days ago; project 4 (the one with the critical function of finding affiliates given the clickbank merchant ID) does not work.

    Customer Support should be named non customer support. I am smart enough to figure out how to install software and turn off or on security, or allow privileges on my own computer; these changes have no effect on the operation of the software. I was also told to simply choose a different merchantID--which I had already done.

    Customer Support could not/would not provide me with a MerchantID that would work with the software--I needed to test and see if I had a system problem, or if their software was the issue.

    And, Lastly, the software does not match the software found in the tutorials, nor does it match the one depicted in the "Affiliate Domination" email tips sent via autoresponder that you can sign up for from the sales page.

    I have asked for a refund.

    My recommendation: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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      have you guys looked at keywordspy? they have Affiliate Intelligence which seems pretty close to what that software did.
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