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Hey Warriors!

I would like your help and advice on what is the best WSO to earn a consistent income that you have either tested or has been proven to work. Any suggestions please?

Thank you
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    Right now the best WSO is the one that is doubling as a fundraiser for Tim Pears, one of our comrades who needs money to literally save his life.
    There is more than $2000 worth of content included and you can either spend $27 or $57. The $57 option gives you the $27 option package plus a lot more.

    Check out my signature if you wish to know more. There's something for everyone in there. You can then decide what you want to do with it.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Check out my site or blog for more info.

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    Originally Posted by willisk View Post

    Hey Warriors!

    I would like your help and advice on what is the best WSO to earn a consistent income that you have either tested or has been proven to work. Any suggestions please?

    Thank you
    How many WSO's have you bought buddy?

    Theres many WSOs that work but its hard for me to answer that question when I don't know your expertise.

    I get a feeling you may be a bit scattered as to which methods work best.

    What you need to do is pick 1 traffic generation source and master that, build a list and then offer value to that list. If your good at traffic generation you can write your own check I sware. Bulld the list and provide value (meaning help people get closer to their goals).
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    This thread going poof in 3..2...

    What does your competition do better than you? Who are the biggest influencers in your niche? Find out.

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    You need to adjust your way of thinking:

    There is NO WSO that is going to make you a single dime. A WSO is either a guide or a tool. But a guide does not make you money and a tool does not operate itself. YOU make the money.
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    The question should instead be what is the best method to create a consistent income.

    The answer = list building.

    There is more than enough free info on this forum to get you started with list building (use the search feature) and I am sure you are already on other marketers lists so you are experiencing list building and how it works each and every day of the week.
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    Everyone is rushing to make money from the list of newbie marketer again and again, this is why 95% of the newbie failed. Thanks to the guru!

    I have read a lot of wso, most of them are just repack the same free info to sell us
    if you want to make money with SEO, don't believe to the sale hype saying, you can make $1,000-$100,000 very easy, the actual work load is huge and it will not make you money overnight.
    resources: search Neil Patel for some real seo and marketing technique.

    Some specific method might work, but it was already over and therefore the creator release it to you. think for a second, if it is huge money to be made easily, the guy will not sell it at $7. fiverr method for example, it is very hot wso topic once at a time, now if your wso mention fiverr it will decrease your sale.

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    Many people here will send you affiliate links or products saying "This is the best,buy this,, bla,bla,bla" I bought many WSO in the past buy many of them are just simple info created by people who creates 25 WSO per month to make money.

    I always tell my team this, If you really want to build a business it takes a lot of work and dedication. I have team members who dont even sleep well but they did it.
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    I've purchased probably over a hundred WSO's since I started Internet Marketing, courses, software, plugins the works.
    When I first started I was all over the place seduced into buying every loophole make money in days course out there.

    I still buy WSO's now and I think that many of them offer a lot of value, if I gain a couple of new ideas from a $7 WSO I'm happy or if a plugin or software saves me a bit of time I'm again happy.

    I can't say though that one WSO has worked for me, my limited success is down to a lot of hard work and persistence and a mish mash of what I've learned from my mentor [mainly], this forum and from various courses.
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