Article Buddy. Unlimited unique Content? Real Or Fake?

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Article Buddy Software. Has anyone had a look at it? it gives the opportunity to take articles and spin them to be unique.
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    I am curious about this. It sounds like something that was around a few years back called something like "uniqualizer" - sorry I can't remember the exact name. I recall there were one or two others that followed the same idea whereby the code behind the article was scrambled leaving the visible text intact.

    So far as I'm aware Google started dumping sites that used them.

    If I'm wrong, do doubt someone will be along to correct me.


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    Article spinners for the most part create degraded junk content, the web would be better off without them, like made for Adsense blog networks and auto-blogs which Google decided people would be better off not seeing.

    I understand Google has started employing more human reviewers, I'm sure that spun stuff sticks out in such inspection.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    Originally Posted by bckk222 View Post

    it gives the opportunity to take articles and spin them to be unique.
    As if that would somehow be a good, or helpful thing, you mean?

    In reality, it won't be, I'm afraid.

    Spinning is based on a fundamental misunderstanding.

    It's a "solution to a problem that doesn't actually exist".

    A solution of benefit only to people selling spinning software and services.

    "Spinning" is without value. It can damage your business, but it can't help you. Everyone who actually makes a living from article marketing (rather than from supplying spinning software or services) says the same things about spinning. And there are reasons for that.

    The whole thing is based on a fallacy, and a misunderstanding about what "duplicate content" and "syndicated content" mean and signify.

    The value of a backlink doesn't depend on whether the content to which it's attached is "unique" or "previously published": it depends on many other things, but that isn't one of them, and Google says so openly.

    For people open-minded enough to read them, the following six items explain much more, at greater length and in greater detail.
    • this post explains the benefits of spinning
    • the first half (or so) of this thread contains a good discussion of what you can gain from spinning articles
    • the advice on this subject given by so many people throughout most of this thread has been really helpful to many people here
    • on the meaning and significance of "duplicate content", in this context, this little post from expert article marketer Anne Pottinger includes direct quotations from Google's WebMaster Central Blog on the subject (not easy to find a more authoritative source than that!)
    • this little article is also a very useful and accurate explanation of the subject
    • this post, and its links, explain in detail the closely related subject of how article directories really work and why they exist
    There's a further potential problem, too, which arises for anyone intending to use "mass/automated submission" of articles to article directories.

    When used for that purpose, these tools are effective enough to get your site heavily penalized by Google. What they're not effective enough to do is to give you any benefits worth having (and that was the case even before the recent Google updates).

    Take a look in the SEO Forum here. You'll find plenty of threads started off by people whose sites have been heavily penalized, and many of them have been openly told by Google that using automated submission software was the reason.

    Using this stuff this has no real benefits anyway: backlinks from article directories are worthless, for all the reasons explained in this and many other "article marketing" threads: How do Article Directories work? Even for a year or so before all the Panda updates of 2011 devalued article directory backlinks so much, SEO textbook writers were saying that you'd need literally tens of thousands of those "backlinks" to give you same linkjuice as that arising from one good backlink on a quality site specifically relevant to your niche.

    Something to keep well away from!

    These threads might also help anyone imagining that mass article directory submission might be a "good" thing to do:

    A problem with Article Marketing robot
    Content - Instant Article Wizard
    Is anyone still using Article Samurai?
    Sites with spammy backlinks
    Calling out bad tactics
    How to use Magic Submitter to create backlinks to my ecommerce site?
    Is Seo link robot a good software?
    Magic Submitter SENuke still useful?
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      It does not actually spin the content. it uses unicode to fake its uniqueness. The content looks identical to the reader, however to copyscape and google it will appear unique(for now)

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    It's Fake!

    This is a rehashed idea. Previous crap software such as article rewriter wizard and content hurricane... all the same, they don't work. Avoid yourself any trouble and write your own original content or hire a professional writer.
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    Spinning articles is pretty pointless in all honesty.

    Considering how cheap you can get someone to write, it is better off spending a few $ and getting something half decent. Or write it yourself.
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    Several reviews point out the fact that it uses unicode to achieve fake uniqueness. Google can easily detect this now.
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      Originally Posted by veekay31 View Post

      Several reviews point out the fact that it uses unicode to achieve fake uniqueness. Google can easily detect this now.
      Exactly right - there was a plugin called WP Unique from Steve Fullman back in 2009. It was good for a while before Google sussed it and he stopped developing it.
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        It is way harder to learn to use any of these programs, than it is to just write articles. With your own writing, you can make it unique, I see spun articles and unique-izer junk in my blog comments everyday. The thing is, if the person would just write a comment i would leave it there.

        Unicode is a dead end. Don't do it. Just write.

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    There's a place for asking for reviews Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings
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    It's always best to get handwritten articles as the quality is just so much better.
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    Obfuscation with HTML entities is not new. As stated by @bizweman WP Unique from Steve Fullman was introduced back in 2009. The technique can be used for content being posted on Web 2.0 sites as a fast, cheap way to generate relevant content with back-links as a part of tiered link building (3rd tier). I think this is what the product creator advocates. It is not meant to replace originally written unique content.

    Automation software is designed to do the heavy lifting for menial tasks that otherwise consume time; which is also is true of content spinning. Most marketers are unfortunately lazy and tend to rely solely on a piece of software instead of utilizing it when appropriate. Spinning works if you manually spin the content on paragraph, sentence and word/phrase levels. The result is content that is 100% readable and unique.

    Used appropriately, Article Buddy can generate usable content on the fly and alleviate the time consumptive monotony of writing score of articles in certain circumstances.

    Here are a couple of articles that discuss it from Google's perspective. Perhaps this will help.

    Does Using html entities on a utf-8 page adversely affect SEO?

    Does HTML encoded content affect SEO of a page?
    Does HTML encoded content affect SEO of a page? - Webmasters Stack Exchange
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