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Anyone tried this, with good results?
This involves posting on craigslist , backpage, and so forth, and a method is used where your ads are not ghosted. Haven't bought it yet so i don't know what the method is. You make 20
dollars instant pay to paypal. But the method works for any product, not just this one, so they say.
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    I bought this. Stay Away from it. Eric in his Capture page Video shows you he going to teach how to Post on Craigslist in multiple cities and teach you Backpage. He does shows you how to create multiple accounts with Backpage and that's about it besides some HTML coding. Residual income for only $20.00 a month. He advertises twice in his video's showing craigslist training but actual backoffice there is none. Cant see it lasting

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      first off tabius this is eric co owner of the crazy simple system and i did have craigslist training videos in the back office but affortuntely craigslist changed there policy which means nobody can post work at home businesses on there website any longer if they do craigslist will have there attorney send you letter basically threatning you to stop posting on there so myself and tammy decided to stop teaching people how to post on craigslist.

      also in place of craigslist training myself and tammy added much more value to the back office including how to actually market any business. basically professional ways to market.

      sorry that we had to take down the craigslist trainings but it wasnt on us its not our fault craigslist changed there policy.
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        I have the same results Plus Eric is impossible to reach 03-13-14
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