The Trump Network MLM - Opinions?

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I usually stay away from MLM programs like the plague, but couldn't help but be intrigued by the fact that Donald Trump is actually behind this new MLM called the Trump Network which launches sometime at the end of this year, I think October to be exact. Anyway here are some links to information about the trump network. I would love to hear some of the more successful MLM Warrior's opinions on this program. Will it be worth it?

Trump Network - MoneyMakerGroup
Trump Network
The Trump Network - Trumpnetwork

I've typed my email in at the Trump network site but have yet to get a response from them. I'm thinking if I can get in early it may be something to have hope with.
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    I am not even close to being an MLM expert, but it seems odd to me that Trump would really be behind a MLM.

    I've never had luck with MLM, or I didn't know what I was doing
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    Trump will put his name on anything you pay him enough for.

    Everyone has an MLM now because this climate is RIPE for new MLM recruits. Problem is they are a hard sell online. Most MLM companies bank on you selling at least 2 more people (usually friends and family).
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    I'm sure 'The Donald' will make a lot of cash off of this endorsement deal. He probably already has, which should be a sign for you.
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    i never like the idea of MLM.

    too many people have been approaching me to join their MLM programs even before I turned 18.
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    I was on a website that listed "implode-o-meters" for various industries earlier today...basically which companies have imploded over the last year or so and his name was all over the lists. Could be completely unrelated to this. or not...
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      Trish, what website was that?
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    I agree, he'll probably endorse anything that will make him big money. He already endorses ACN.
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    Worth checking out I guess, thanks for the info.
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    What's his product? Hair piece of the month club?

    Errr... sorry.. I couldn't resist
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    You have to remember with MLM it is not *your* business. I was involved with a canadian herbal company in the early nineties, built a really good downline (400+) and then without warning the UK division just shut, poof! Gone was my business, my downline and my commission cheques!
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    So is anyone here marketing the Trump Network? Just wondering if it's working for them?
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    In my opinion I would say it is worth checking it out and waiting for more information as the launch date approaches. I myself never believed in MLM's until I saw results. Doesn't mean all are going to be successful for everyone though.

    Check us out beforehand, only looking for those who are ready to earn. Contact us for interview, no longer accepting "blind enrollments". Training available at no cost.

    PM for details or email at

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    Trump was actually the spokes person for another MLM, known as ACN, before he went out and formed the Trump Network.

    Interesting factiod is that Warren Buffet is also involved in MLM, as his company (Berkshire Hathaway) owns Pampered Chef.

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      Its the real deal...I've been with the company since Feb of 2008, long before the name changed to The Trump Network. Need more info? Send me an email!
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        I received some emails about this before. Sadly, i "x" browser when I saw that it's a health and wellness thingy.

        Of course, not to offend anyone here, it is always worth checking out what is the Company they doing, what are their compensation plans like, what are the terms and conditions, and compare that to other MLMs. To be honest, I think it is always the case that everyone trying to tell you, theirs' is the best. Well, you really need to do your homework before you even take your credit card out from your wallet.

        I've tried, in fact two MLMs in health and wellness, and I dropped them. The reason I dropped was because I was not for me and I can't suit my style of working with them. My main cause of the problem was that I didn't do enough homework to check them out. Only after I joined, I then found this and that which I could have known about even before I made my decision.

        I had a lot of teleconferencing to attend, webinars to attend, skype, msn and so on. Also, my upline kept pushing me for things to get done. Well, I know that's his duty but I felt my time was being controlled by all the iteneries and meetings. At that time, I thought, I was told that it's a work from home thing at your own time Worst, I have this up-up-upline said that I didn't see the importance of the training and such and such. I was really disappointed with him and is this how they treat your downlines?

        Few pieces of my advice:

        MLM is not for everyone. They succeed not because they have good leaders but their determination and believe in themselves help them to make success. They are devoted to their work, like you are devoted to your IM. Most importantly, you've got to be committed in everything you do.

        I think 10/10 MLMs companies in wellness and health will always have their products back up by the doctors and scientists or whatever organisation. So don't get overwhelmed if you found one with such support and evidence.

        MLM companies give very good trainings on their products as well as social skills, communication skills and many more soft skills that you can think of. Even you decided not to stay long with them, do take advantage of their trainings. They are valuable and imagine how much you have to pay just for similar kind of courses.

        When you have your own pyramid after you build your leads, make sure take good care of your downlines. Anything by force, you will only see you leads leaving you.

        Welll, I knew one guy, he's name is Scott from Florida and he's in Phillipine now for the establishment of new market. Before he engaged in MLM, he's in IM field and he found out that too much work to be done. He's performance in this MLM has been great and it only took him about six months to reach a so called xxxxx director level. Of course, he did work very hard to earn it. As for me, I left MLM coz I don't like how things work, so, I'm back into IM after that.

        Whatever that you decide, make sure it is really something that you want. No doubt, I believe that there are plenty of $$$$$$$$$$$ to be made from MLM. But that's not what I want!

        So, I hope this has help anyone that are interested in MLM

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    Well MLMs basically are not for everyone... Just too many things to be done as well. You need to attend the meetings the seminars, training, and well you seem have no other times left! I was involved in MLMs as well but didn't have much luck.. Anyway is nice to know this Trump network thing..
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    • Profile picture of the author Gurnell
      I think MLM is a good business model. You have to be dedicated and put in very hard work,just like anything else to succeed.
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      • Profile picture of the author DennisFMaloney
        Having been in many mlms and not making a dime in any of them but always liking the concept of helping each other to succeed has kept me coming back to them . Still have not got this out of my system yet.

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  • Profile picture of the author tlimstliy3
    My experience with the Trump Institute was not great. It was a 3 day intensive workshop in NYC last summer and the price was $1000. This was focused on Real Estate but I can tell you this: They stated no one was allowed to network in the room or pass out cards and basically for 3 days we sat and listened to these amazing success stories--if anyone was caught passing a business card they were thrown out.

    One man over the weekend was caught and got yelled at by the presenter. It was pretty juvenile. We were told this was all top secret information and we could take as many notes as we needed but no recording devices were allowed.

    The clincher was you couldn't have access to any of the "inside information" unless you bought their special software for real estate investing (which was another $2K) and you had to enroll in coaching and the cheapest package (Silver) was $25k.

    Of course we all networked and emailed afterwards. Maybe 3 people out of 200 in that room signed up for the coaching and perhaps a dozen bought the software.

    Oh and the Donald? Never saw him live, but his purty picuture was in the beginning of most of the power point presentations.

    So we all felt like suckers and that guy is really smart.

    so for the thousand bucks we got the 3 day secret talks with no handouts allowed and then 6 weeks or unlimited access to the Trump Institute Real Estate Resource Line-- in hindsight, I learned nothing about real estate investing that I didn't already know.

    I infrequently email the people I met from that weekend and everyone is doing the Real Estate Investing on their own--or not. No one that I met used the Trump Institute after that 3 day circus show.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I learned the hard way, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    So best of luck to you, but be hyper aware that DT is in the business of making money for himself--by hook or by crook as they say.

    PS-- the 3 day seminar at $1k included no meals, snacks or lodging. Not even coffee. We did get all the tap water we could drink on ice though, so that was swell!
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    • Profile picture of the author tlimstliy3
      Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

      That is a really insightful post on what is behind the curtains.

      And for $1000 I will at least have some snacks to offer.

      Yeah, it was all smoke and mirrors with tap water on ice. Make sure you do the snacks!
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      • Profile picture of the author RussGu3
        Here's the thing that nobody seems to be talking about - if you join this, you'll still have to work!

        Regardless of who's name is on it, there will always be a lot of work involved. Don't even begin to kid yourself about this. It won't magically build itself and fill your pockets with cash just because Trump's name is associated with it. Don't be sucked-in by the hype of his name.

        Second, there is a great deal of incongruity in this program.

        Meaning, regardless of Trump's business prowess, he is primarily known for real estate investment, right?

        He doesn't appear to be particularly healthy or his endorsement of a health-related product (even with his name on it) is a pattern interrupt (thanks Mark Joyner).

        It would be like Lee Iococca putting his name on a health product - incongruous.

        Yes, I realize that it's Trump's business acumen that is being coat-tailed, not his physique. But when's that last time you saw a non-health guru endorsing a health product?

        Next, you have the quality and price of the products. And since MLMs are notorious for overcharging for their products, citing exclusivity or some other "unique" angle, you can be assured that these products will be high-dollar.

        Now, that would be fine if the products were of the highest possible quality.

        But what you might not know is that pretty much anyone can start their own supplement line for a surprisingly little amount of money.

        You may recall the Supplement Millions course from Brock Felt and Buck Rizvi that came out last year... their free material went over how easy it is to do.

        So, not only can anyone have a supplement lab formulate a new product or merely rename and relabel an existing formula, but with the wide-open FDA rules and regs about supplements, the labels can say things that are not easily verified - if at all. Things such as inherent benefits.

        Being a lifelong supplement taker and generally health-oriented person, not only do I know I'd have problems peddling these products to other people in good conscience (because they are almost certainly loaded with synthetic, fractionated vitamins and minerals - i.e. useless crap), but I sincerely doubt that I'd take them myself.

        And if I wouldn't take them, I surely wouldn't try to get others to do so.

        All that said, I know most other people won't subscribe to my principles or reasoning AND I know that millions of packages of his pills will be sold.

        After all, there are still millions of people taking One a Day, Centrum and Theragran M every day, thinking they are getting some benefit from them.

        Pretty sad, really.

        So, join and sell his stuff if you want. Just go in with eyes wide open...

        And if you really want the freshest, raw, whole food supplements on the planet, go with Standard Process. They've only been around since 1929...

        Be well,
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  • Profile picture of the author Edgar Moreno
    I currently participate in MLM's and to be honest I hated them in the past. Most of them are so confusing you can't figure out how much money you are going to make and it takes a massive amount of effort to make sure you qualify for the commission.

    The MLM I am in now is so much different and only an elementary education is required to understand the pay. I don't want to name drop because I am not sure if that would be considered advertising or whatnot but for those who keep bad mouthing MLMs I would have to say that perhaps you were not successful but don't put it down because there are those who are very successful and its very possible to get into the "right" MLM for any given person.

    I looked into the trump MLM but wasn't all too impressed. Maybe as more details emerge i'll take a second look at it. I haven't seen any pricing or details as such that would allow me to make an educated decision at this point.

    Check us out beforehand, only looking for those who are ready to earn. Contact us for interview, no longer accepting "blind enrollments". Training available at no cost.

    PM for details or email at

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  • Profile picture of the author 2bwealthy
    I am tried MLM in the past, 2 of them were health related. I never had any success in them. In one of them I could never figure the comp plan out. As far as this one goes will keep my eye balls on it as time goes on. With the "Donald" on this, sure to get a lot of attention.
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  • Profile picture of the author webily
    It's interesting to hear similar experience like tlimstliy3's.
    I suppose this happens with lot of these big names' workshops.

    I don't think MLM is bad think... and not because we are successfull in it... it is just another form of marketing. But to be most successfull you must be anywhere near the top... take the opportunity on time. It dosen't mean you can't succeed even later but it depends on how good you are and what is the competition (how well perform the other distributors).

    There is an MLM company selling perfumes, named "FM Group".
    We (with my wife) jumped on the second year and have recruited about 500 new distributors in about 6 months. You can say it is nothing, but for market like Bulgarian it is pretty good... actually we own about 20% of the company new registrations every month.
    And know what.. it takes just 2-3 hours work in a day. You just need to be consistent.
    Post classified ads, answer phone calls, help your downline... and always with a smile on your face. :-)
    And... the site i built helped a little. Some people believe that we own the merchandise for Bulgaria, because when you type "FM Group" or "FM Perfumes" in google in bulgarian we come first and then next to us is the site of the local merchandise. :-)
    Before i make our site i had a proposal for them to support their site, but they refused... they are somehow blind about the power of internet marketing.. mostly do the old school. :-)

    OK, this post was not straight to the point... i just want to say that it might be very good opportunity if you have the heart, the soul and believe that it is going to work.
    I think this is too expensive... i read some plans and materials and i believe it was more than $1.5k to jump in, right?
    But the products are popular... i suppose all they count on the Baby Boomers... just like Alive Max does. I believe it is a huge market... Who knows...
    If i could i should probably try the Trump network, but it is only for americans i believe.
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