Is Article Dashboard Any Good?

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What are your experiences with Article Dashboard? Is it any good? Do you know how long they take to approve articles? I have been waiting 3 days now.


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    its takes close to 2 weeks , there rules are more relaxed than ezinearticles
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    Depends on what your purpose for article submission is. if it's for driving visitors to your preferred website, yes it is a good platform. But for higher search engine ranking and placements? Nope.IMO

    I write great articles at $7/400-500 words. PM me for samples and discussion.

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    dunno what's going on with them, they banned me from their forum cos I was constantly asking where Jason was, he promised there was gonna be an update to their software and hasn't updated it in two years... there are so many bugs with it, it's not funny.
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    Article Dashboard articles still rank good for me but take forever to get approved, i like a little better. They rank well and approve fast
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    IMHO, once you hve taken the time necessary to write a decent article, post it everywhere. You never know which publishers subscribe to which RSS feeds, and you just might have your article picked up and republished in a big way (if the article is good). I have a subscription at ArticleMarketer to publish "wide", and then submit to a few specific sites that aren't covered by AM, like ArticleAlley, Amazines, ArticlesBase, AffShpere, etc. and yes, ArticleDashboard (but they take forever to publish anything).
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      Are you still submitting articles? Do you use the same suite of services?

      Thanks, your post was very old so I thought it would do to update it. Can't find much on this topic in Warrior Forum.


      Jim Proser

      Jim Proser
      The Wellness Revolution

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    I use Wordpress which has different functions and has Dashboard too.
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