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Has anyone heard of a program called Simple Money System? is Simple Money System any good or just another scam, Is GVO a good web hosting company? Is there autoresponder a good program also?
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    Hi there, I currently am promoting and using the Simple Money System.

    The SMS is a free system that gives you training, advice, affiliate links etc to use to promote a product called Pure Leverage which is owned by GVO.

    PL is a new online marketing tool suite that includes an autoresponder, video email service, live conference room service plus they give you your very own blog which is very impressive in my opinion.

    If you'd like to know more message and I'll glad to help!
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      Hi Chris, first of all ignore people who join the warrior forum and have 1 or 2 posts, they are obviously just trying to get you to sign up through them so they make commission. Nothing wrong with that, but you're not really getting help.

      I checked the system out myself, as in I did enough to pass them an email address to find out what the steps were in the system.

      I'm sure you can make money from this but essentially it's just a product with 3 steps that make you pay from $25 up to £150 a month through a company called pure leverage. They supply tools for blogs, auto responders etc.

      The idea is that you use the tools you pay for monthly to build a blog and email list and then promote the same system, and you make commission.

      So if you sign up through someone saying "I'll help you its awesome I've made loads of money it super good, give me a pm" for example. They will make 100% commission from you plus 50% commission each month thereafter.

      This is just affiliate sales, which is fine, I'm sure they give you all the awesome tools but it will cost you (and they suggest you go "all in" and be a pure leverage VIP) $150 per month. If you can sell the same thing to others you will make your money back.

      But again it still comes down to hard work, building trust with people and giving value, which can be achieved many other ways without paying monthly for tools, that's my personal opinion anyway.

      Hopefully this has been some help.

      Any questions ask away.


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        Rick is basically correct, the Simple Money System is a lead generation funnel for the Pure Leverage online marketing tool suite plus the associated income opportunity.

        Although taking full advantage of the SMS requires signing on with Pure Leverage, the system does have outstanding training (free) on using Facebook the "right way" for finding business leads, as well as a 40-Day Challenge routine to help you stay on track as you build your business.

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          Thank you for the advice so far, I have not join yet, because of what I heard about network marketing
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            "But again it still comes down to hard work, building trust with people and giving value, which can be achieved many other ways without paying monthly for tools, that’s my personal opinion anyway."
            Rick, in my opinion it is a very worth while investment due to the value and quality of the tools given. Also, you will certainly gain a valuable education on marketing and how to run a business in this field. The way I see it, I goofed off more than 50.00 p/m on unnecessary personal items I didn't really need, so certainly I can invest in something that's going to benefit me. As far as doing things on the free or cheap...I promote other free/cheap opportunities also. I am an affiliate for a totally free jewelry boutique and I also work another system for free. Now, if I were to compare the value of the free/cheap things verses the monthly payment I make with SMS; I will honestly have to report there would be no comparison. The SMS over delivers if you asked me...I can't believe they give away such value for the bucks! Trust, me...I am sure some can agree with the old cliche " that you generally get just what you pay for"...this is only my 2cents. Have the greatest!!


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        Hi everyone, Bev here and I am a newbie here. But I couldn't resist not commenting on Rick's post. I am also with SMS/PL and fairly new there as well. In my opinion Rick has told you guys what this opportunity is about in a "nutshell review"...you will have to come in as a re-seller if you want to be in the money making mode which is less than 45 per/mo and this is a close estimate. I am starting at the 45.00 level until I am able to help others by reversing the 45. and then consider the 150.oo/montly and this is how I choose to do most any network marketing opp that offer higher positions. Just my two cents....so again Rick, thanks for researching and helping others to understand.


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    Hi there ,
    I recently joined the simple money system.
    I thought that it was gonna be a scam but its a system that really works and just as the title is called simple money system, it really is simple and all the training is provided.
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