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I started a website 2 month ago, and used Bluehost to host my websites. They had great customer service, so great that I decided to use their SEO service as well. I thought "if their team is this responsive and caring about their customers, their SEO team must be the same." I did some research for Bluehost SEO, and found nothing. No reviews. In hindsight, this should have been a red flag, but I was so impressed with their service, I decided to ignore this. It turns out Bluehost's SEO is ran by a separate company called SEOGears (not to be confused with SEO Gear). I signed up for an aggressive 3 key word package for $350/month and here was my experience:

My Bluehost SEO experience:
- The marketing manager (whom I will not name in this article, but if you PM me, I'll tell you) was brand new - he didn't even have his laptop set up at the time I joined
- My initial reaction was "how can I trust someone brand new with my SEO efforts?"
- Initially, it was very hard to get ahold of him... he said he was going to call but didn't call, and he said he was going to call again, but didn't call. When he finally called, he said he tried calling and emailing but they didn't go through. Personally, I think he's lying and making up excuses.
- They never provided me with their "free website analysis"
- They say they do on-site SEO (like checking meta-tags and stuff), but in reality, they told me to contact my web developer
- They DO NOT tell you what they are doing to their site. This is the most frustrating part. On their SEO dashboard, you just see items as 25% or 50% or 100% complete. They do not tell you how many links they are building or where they are building it. They tell you that all the info is proprietary. However, they could also be building 1 link for all you know.
- All they will tell you is "85% of our clients end up on the first page of Google within 3-6 month" - Don't believe every statistic you read... You should consider how many clients stayed with them for 3-6 month. I bet the number is less than 10%.
- I asked if they can switch a marketing manager for me because the one I had was so new. SEOGears refused.
- I complained about this issue to Bluehost and asked for a partial refund. Bluehost said they were unable to do that.
- I receive an email from the SEO manager from Bluehost and he said because they responded to inquires within 24 hours, they will not issue a refund. WTF? I never complained about my inquires not being responded on time. Was this guy even listening?
- In general, the SEOGears was super unresponsive to any inquiry. You need to contact them 3-4 times to get a reply (if you PM me, I can send you the email thread). I really regret going with them. The frustration they caused me was through the roof.
- I hope this review will help someone out there because when I was doing my due diligence, there was nothing written about the Bluehost SEO team. They are not what you expect, and not what the sales people tell you it is.

My takeaways:
- If the SEO company says everything they do is proprietary, STAY AWAY (I think it's important that you know their plan and can see the links they create)
- No matter how nice the sales people are, look at their competitors and make a list of criteria to evaluate them on. In hindsight, I should have made a spreadsheet and evaluated them more objectively rather than how much I liked the salesperson (lessons learned!)
- Always get a recommendation from 2-3 unbiased party before making a decision. That's the main reason I've signed up for Warrior Forum - to get in touch with more like-minded individuals.
- If the salesperson says you cannot talk to the person in charge because they are too busy, STAY AWAY (if you don't have time to talk to you pre-sale, how will they have time to talk to you post-sale?)
- Always talk to the SEO manager or the person doing the work before you purchase. Just make sure the person's actually competent.
- Always start small. Never start with one of their biggest SEO packages. You want to do start with their smallest package just to test out their friendliness, service, and skills.

I think going with Bluehost SEO/SEOGears is one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. However, if I look on the bright side, I did get a vendor selection lesson that I'll never forget (it does suck that it costed $350). Anyways, at this point, I'm wondering if someone can give me some pointers as to which SEO company I should go with, or what I should try at this point. Thank you!
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    You never hire anyone based one "how nice they are". Dude!!! Come on! I am getting frustrated just reading this.

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      Yes you are right. I feel pretty frustrated with myself right now as well....
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    I had the same problem with Bluehost/Seogear service, i ordered the 3 keywords 199$/mo
    and didn't got a thing, the account manager suggested 3 keyword with no trend and less then a 10 searches results, and when i say 10 i mean 10 visits.
    and when i wanted to cancel the service and asked for a refund hey told me its not possible .
    can you share the representative name ?
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      Very unfortunate for both of you.

      Is there any information about their secrecy/proprietary practices on the front, before the sale? If not, there's an argument, and ground to demand refund.

      Considering the nature of SEO -- white/gray/black you need to know what is being done to be sure it is not going to negatively impact your site.

      Also, you can always throw out the BBB complaint if you tried everything else. Let them know if they do not do anything in terms of refund, since you're not getting details about the service, that you will file a BBB complaint. And if they don't respond to that, actually do file a complaint. Its easy and online. Just be sure to have good ground (ie: not disclosing information) and provide the proof (capture of sales page, terms, etc.) in your complaint.

      If you get to that point, they will most likely give in, take you more serious and hopefully provide a refund.

      Good luck!
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    I think, it is not Bluehost SEO mistake, Why you hire you when you find no review or if they suggested you wrong keywords. You should so some research before Hire any company. If you are not getting about company never hire that company.
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    I did some research for Bluehost SEO , and found nothing. No reviews. In hindsight, this should have been a red flag, but I was so impressed
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      Sorry to hear about your bad experience Thats the problem with SEO its very hard to know if what you are paying for is affective due to the time delay in the results so you can have already lost $100's before even knowing you are wasting our money!

      Did you ever find a good source?

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    I know same things from my friend who was with them he had same problems, i am with bulletproofvps and my friend also sign up with them last month we both are happy now.
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    I just wanted to say Thank You for writing a review! There is nothing out there about Bluehost SEO services. They're running a campaign for a monthly SEO service and I needed more info from real users. I am amazed there isn't anything out there... but this review at least answered some of my questions. I won't be using them.
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    Thanks much for the review of the seo service bluehost recommends!
    I just signed up with BlueHost but was not looking for seo service, but was interested anyway so came here to read this review.

    I did my research on BlueHost as a HOST, and found many many positive reviews.
    Web hosts are like banks - well, not THAT bad, but... You will find many bad reviews of every single one from godaddy to hostgator to bluehost etc. But there are also many fans of bluehost so I went with them and they offer a money back guarantee for any unused months so I felt pretty confident trying them.

    However, after reading this thread I will NOT be trying their seo service! (Just goes to show that in this day and age you can't "get away" with treating your customers like crap. Word gets around and soon you'll be out of business. How much longer do you think this SEO service will be recommended by bluehost? Not for long I bet!)
    > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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    Yikes...I literally just signed up for Bluehost's SEO services and just read all of this after I got the most basic package ($99 one) to try, I'm glad I didn't go more expensive though. I hope I have a way better experience here, I will keep you guys posted to let you know how this goes.

    Anyways does anyone here recommend any other paid SEO services?? Besides Bluehost lol...
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      Originally Posted by Rodgey87 View Post

      Yikes...I literally just signed up for Bluehost's SEO services and just read all of this after I got the most basic package ($99 one) to try, I'm glad I didn't go more expensive though. I hope I have a way better experience here, I will keep you guys posted to let you know how this goes.

      Anyways does anyone here recommend any other paid SEO services?? Besides Bluehost lol...
      Good question.
      All I can say is that MOST of the SEO services I've looked at (often ones that are highly recommended by "experts") create spammy links that you'd better be sure are NOT pointing to your money site. (In fact some of the links are SO spammy / junky that I am not sure I'd even want them pointing to Tier 2 links that point to my money site.

      So when hiring an SEO service ask them for examples of links they make and then look at them closely. Here's an example. I hired one highly recommended service who advertises on WF and I was selling a household item on my site. Well they created links on blogs about cats and things like that, which has NOTHING to do with my product at all. Not only that but the comments and posts they made were not contextual at all in relation to my product.

      When I see SEO services like that, I wish Google would find their business and shut them down. Creating web spam like that does no one any good. IMHO. About the only thing it might be good for (IF it works, which I am doubtful) is promoting a WSO that is going to last about a week and then be gone.

      I also hired a famous SEO company based in the UK to create a bunch of "one hour links" for me to promote just that - a WSO affiliate campaign. They did not work in the least and I just wasted around $40 on their services.

      The point is, in my experience, it's very hard to find an SEO company that really works and that doesn't send hundreds of thousands of spammy links out as part of their "package".
      > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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