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Hi All,

I have been on WF for sometime now and ever since I have joined - I have been busy with other work related matters...I intend to get back...

I think it makes sense to make use of a coach when it comes to this IM jungle - as I only get few hours in a day to spare for this and I intend to use it for IM instead of beer/movies. However, I want to make use of my time in effective way.

I want you WF members to recommend me a coach that has actually helped you succeed in IM (by that I mean - helped you make regular stream of money). I am not lazy but newbie when it comes to IM...I am a good learner and can invest about 2 hours a day and more during weekend.

Your help is highly appreciated, be blissed.
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    Make sure you thoroughly research anyone recommended.

    Beware of promises of instant riches.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Before getting a coach make sure that you at least know some of the basics, this saves time and therefore cash!

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      Originally Posted by Max Anderson View Post

      Before getting a coach make sure that you at least know some of the basics, this saves time and therefore cash!
      Yes I agree with this it's important to know the basics, this can help you to decide what it is you want to do on the internet - as there are lot of choices.
      To start the recommendations off for getting to know the basics in one field -
      Erica Stone has a number of very good course on being an Amazon affiliate.

      Good luck
      CLICK HERE for techniques and reviews of affiliate marketing training
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      Hi Max - I agree but I do not completely know the options out there...but just a zeal to get out of the 9-5...(I know what you resist persists but I want to think "you need to know whats out there to know what you want")
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    Remember the old saying: those who can't, teach.
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    Tread cautiously and carefully and know what the full investment is - Time and money - before making your final selection. Taking time for the occasional beer can only help.
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    Can I just give hats off to this entire thread. I saw the title to it and was like ouch.. this thread is about to get slammed with all sorts of things.. poor guy will get even more confused!

    However that didn't happen, and there is a lot of sound advice. Here is mine. When getting a coach, especially in internet marketing, be prepared to pay a pretty. I dunno about you but I'm in internet marketing to make money, not spend more. So my suggestion is to first figure out the exacts.

    Why do you need a coach? (do you need the mindset, the logistics or both)
    What do you expect from a coach?
    What are you willing to pay?
    Can you figure it out without paying?

    The teacher will be there when the student is ready. Good luck in your 'venture!
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    How about me? LOL Matt Bacak and Russell Brunson are 2 of the top coaches
    you can get.
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    You should get under and learn from a guy named Terry Dean. He was my coach when i first got started. He had a previous business, and i believe he sold it, and now he has a new one. Millionaire for sure. Look him up.
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      thank you all for such a great advice all over.

      I am complete newbie to the be honest - I don't even know what all options are out there...I just know that 9-5 is not a mandate and I want to get out of it...

      I am an immigrant who made it from the slums of India to US but I still feel there is more to life than 9-5. I think lot of WF relate to that...I am not looking for get rich quick ponzie schemes but at the same time I dont want to wait for the 401K to build for me to leave the 9-5...

      I am willing to put forth the work but want to do it in constructive path...

      I really thank everyone for taking time to guide a newbie to the right direction...
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    Krish997- if I were you I would search here in the forum, not the WSO section, yet, but look through the Main Forum, and some of the other threads on here. It can give you an idea of what areas of IM you might be interested in. I did what you just on here, and asked for a coach...first question I was asked- well what area of im are you interested in? Well what the heck did I know?! I had no idea about CPA, article writing, monetizing blogs, ecommerce, etc. I was familiar with affiliate marketing I thought that was it. Affiliate marketing=Internet marketing---wrong! So I got on here, and did, and still do read threads and posts. Now that has helped me narrow down where my interests are in the IM world. I think once you have figured that out, then perhaps look into a coach or mentor who is successful in that area, and if you can't afford the coaching then perhaps a good course that person has put out to get things rolling for you.
    There are many paths to get you where you want to go, and ways to get there...just need to figure out which one you want to take to get things started.

    Good luck.


    Use the heck out of the Warrior Forum and the warriors here....there's tons of info here for free...the search tool is a valuable I finally started doing this, and I'm getting my ball rolling...
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      Julie, thanks for the splendid advice...I will look into my options and see which works the best! again - thanks Warriors...
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    Hi Krish,
    You have been given some great advice here. I follow a mentor called Matt Lloyd .If you want to message me directly i will send you details. If not, good luck with your search. I wish you the best of luck.
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