another Andrew Reynolds flyer

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I had a flyer from Andrew Reynolds yesterday: ""

Has anyone else received this - any thoughts... or perhaps even subscribed?

It says that "membership" is limited to 6 prior clients, and will close soon because of its exclusivity value.

Can't be that exclusive, it's been indexed by Google... but who am I to argue!
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    Just got another one myself (after getting the first around 1 month ago.No way in hell its going to be limited to six people!!!
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      I just got the secong one today after getting one like 2 weeks ago. So 6 people not found yet? I dont think so
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        I just joined here after receiving a flyer on this and posting into google.
        Has anyone joined and is it genuine or just his money spinner.
        Seems odd to keep repeating photo after photo of cars and watches etc..
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          Keep well away from Reynolds and his fat friend Tim Lowe, thats all the advice you need.

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            I just received another flyer promoting "Andrews Giveaway".

            I received the previous one about two months ago (just about the time was set up).

            It looked too good to be true, and if it is really as good as Andrew Reynolds says it is, the six advertised positions would have been snapped up long ago.

            However in the latest flyer, he claims he is still looking for six recruits.

            So as the saying goes "If it seems too good to be true - it probably is!"

            Create your first website by 3:45 this afternoon - using Free software. (Free Download).

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              hi, Got my first Andrew Reynolds "Giveaway" letter yesterday but haven,t viewed the site yet!, by what you tell me, that some of you had your first letter about 2 months ago, maybe as I have just had my first letter,
              I,m on the back up list!!.
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            Originally Posted by safe as houses View Post

            Keep well away from Reynolds and his fat friend Tim Lowe, thats all the advice you need.
            Whats your issue with him exactly?
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              First, kudos to the guy - he's done well, as have many of his clients.

              BUT, IMHO I think Andrew makes out everything to be too easy! IM is tough! It works, but will take a LOT of hard work.

              The other thing is (and CoD is an example, but from which I learned much) I have a bit of an issue with marketers who warn against others who rely on on "padding" and "flash" in almost the same context as we are warned against spam... and then deliver exactly that in their own promo material.

              I think 90% of CoD could have been deleted and been better for it.
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