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Did this program work? The guy claims he got a software that works on auto pilot to make money. Any reviews?
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    Just listened to some of the so called 23 min..... presentation on this and got quite bored with the same old same ol'. I clicked out and was offered a special discount for $197.00. This tells me its going for probably at least $500.00. I have found the higher end stuff can be (emphasis on sometimes) chocked full of more pure content than the usual $39.97 or $49.97 usual garb that has a list of ad ons to make it even work to begin with.
    It has been about two weeks since the first post was entered here on this "Rapid Mass Profits" software, and there has been on comments from anyone regarding this, so I am concluding that it is either a piece of garbage or no one has opted in and taken a ride on this thing or they are just too busy on their ride to have or want to share their experience.
    Sorry I can't help any more but I'm not ready to invest blindly into this price and possibly lose my investment. I like to find out what is under the hood and take a test drive before I sign the papers for the ownership. I do realize there is a $1.00 seven day (or six day) test run with this thing but I have found that once some persons get your card information it can be almost impossible to terminate or stop them from continuing the deductions and this would not be a very good thing for anyone.
    Wish I could offer more and do hope someone with more confidence in this product and more money to risk sending their way (Rapid Mass Profits), ends up jumping in and clarifying the validity of this "secret underground software." I have just heard that on way to many so called "new softwares" and can't be a sucker for another one.
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      I would also like to hear from anyone.

      What is this program all about ??
      What does it do ?
      Has anyone run with it and got some results ?


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