Whats the Best Tracking software Thats Easy To Use

by drnet
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I have been scouring the internet today looking for the Right tracking software that I can use on Multiple sites.

I thought I finally found my answer with AdWatcher - Click Fraud Monitor & Ad Tracker ... but then after signing up and logging in, It only allows you to track one website which is totally worthless for me.

What software are you using that you would recommend?

I need to be able to quickly create PPC tracking ids and I would like to be able to use it for seo too...

The next best option I found was Real-Time Web Analytics, Website Tracking, Marketing Analysis

But they are a bit pricey and I am not real confident about their PPC aspects.

I have also looked at stats junky, but they are ONLY for affiliate tracking. I have my own products and want to be able to monitor them. Preferably LIVE...

Any recommendations or thoughts here?


Dr Net
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    I guess no one tracks...Not one reply..

    Oh well, off to try something
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        Google Analytics is free and - at least for basic features - is very easy to use. For advanced features you have to learn how the stuff works, but that's true for any solutions.

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      Originally Posted by sclark View Post

      I guess no one tracks...
      I do.

      I wrote a book about ad tracking

      (see sig file)


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    I am looking for one too. While doing my research, I find getclicky.com and elogicwebsolutions.com/web-analytics.html look quite promising... minus the hefty costs.
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    We can appreciate your frustration in looking for an all in one tracking solution. That's exactly why we built StatsJunky, and why we continually expand it's feature set based on the requests of our users. I wouldn't use the word "only" with StatsJunky because we are continually expanding it power.

    Here's what it will do right now... but as the weeks go by, more and more tools are added to the aresenal by a team of close to 20 guys.

    You can track 200+ affiliate networks automatically. If you're not doing any affiliate networks, and sending exlusively to your own products, then simply submit the credit card processor (if it's not already added) and then track your revenue from your product, as well as your PPC conversions to the keyword level.

    It uses an automated setup wizard to assign and cloak all of your keywords, and then it's hands free from there.

    If you use google conversion codes, you can track those in StatsJunky as well. That's a great work around for product owners that don't push through a common processor.

    Bottom line... You might as well try it... it's free...no Credit Card needed.

    If you have any questions, stop by any one of the daily training webinars at 12:30 PST Monday - Friday and get your questions answered on the spot.

    Hope that helps!
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      Hi, Statsjunky.

      How is statsjunky different or superior to tracking202pro? Does it have something like stats202?

      Is there a wso price for statsjunky?
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    Statcounter is what I use, easy to set up.
    Jon Davidson
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      Greetings findjohn -

      If anyone asks how ours differs from Prosper 202... just put this.

      I'm not that familiar with all of the features of Tracking 202 pro, however, I do know this about StatsJunky:

      1. Your keywords, campaigns, logins, and everything in between are 100% private and STAY on YOUR computer in an encrypted file.

      2. You do not need a server and or any other hardware. StatsJunky installs on your desktop / laptop just like any other programs you install.

      3. 99% of the keyword tracking is automated via wizards and you can up and tracking keyword conversions in 10-15 minutes.

      4. It supports over 250 Affiliate and PPC networks and counting... with new ones added all the time. Not all of these sites are nice enough to create API's, and in those cases it simply duplicates you browsing the site and automatically extract your stats

      Hope that helps...
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    Affiliate Prophet is very good for PPC. It can track more data than just clicks and conversions -- e.g. the website visitor's level of interest, attention, desire, action, and more.
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    I have heard from others that StatsJunky is pretty good. I can't say, I have never used it.

    Google analytics and good spreadsheets will definitely do the trick though. My boss managed a 12 million dollar media budget with spreadsheets and 4 monitors. If there were an easier way for a few hundred dollars I would probably go for it.
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    StatsJunky has some good features, but I think Tracking202 Pro is much better. I purchased StatsJunky and decided to refund my order because they had so many bugs. I received a response saying the bugs will be fixed and that they will extent their 30 day money back guarantee for me for another 3 months. I agreed, but still found Tracking202 Pro to be better so I decided to get a refund. I emailed them to refund my order within their "Not Satisfied - Money Back Guarantee" time, but they NEVER emailed me back or refunded my order!! Crazy.

    Some people might like StatsJunky better than Tracking202 Pro since it is not on a server, but BE CAREFUL with their guarantees since they obviously don't stand by them.

    Anyone else get scammed by them? I'd be interested to hear.
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      Greetings gocontempo -

      I must say that I a little suprised at your complaint...?

      Since your post - I went back through all of the past cancel requests in the system and found that everyone of them had a response.

      StatsJunky honors it's money back guarantee and refund policy.

      Please submit your information to me directly to me at: Charles...at...StatsJunky.com - and I will get to the bottom of what happened to your request and resolve it as quickly as possible.

      Please accept our apologies for your frustration...!

      - Charles
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    I use statcounter - free if your volumn stays realitively low - can use on multiple sites.
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    Google Analytics...hands down....Fortune 500 companies use it and they're always improving it.
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    We are very sorry about the experience you had. That's not indicative of the type of support we provide. But Charles is great, and will help you with whatever you need.

    Regarding the bugs you experienced... well those will be a thing of the past as we are releasing the Next Generation of StatsJunky over the coming weeks. The program is being completely refactored so that no one experiences any issues, and so that we can provide an Enterprise Class software.

    To answer your guy's question in this thread... I guess it depends on what kind of tracking you want to do.

    If you want to know how much money you made at any of the 250+ supported affiliate / PPC networks, and never have to login to those sites again to get it, then I'd say StatsJunky is where it's at.

    If you want to setup keyword level conversion tracking in 5-10 minutes, and have it dynamically pass that through your direct links, or landing pages, then again I'd have to say StatsJunky.

    And if you want to get a tool at a discounted price, that is about to take off like a rocket.... then again I'd have to say StatsJunky. The tools and features that are going to be added to StatsJunky will make it second to none!

    I hope that helps
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    Is statsjunky mac compatible?


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    As an alternative to Google Analytics, I am impressed with getclicky.com

    A major plus for me is that the stats are updated in real time. And I especially like the live view (spy mode) to ogle what people are doing...though a bit of a time killer than one

    However, I am still hunting a solution to tracking sales to the keyword level (from PPC for example) without paying the earth for it.
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    There are a number of good free tracking tools available - Statcounter was already mentioned, as was Google Analytics. Statcounter costs once you get reasonable traffic and for more than one website, but it's by an irish developer, so of course I recommend it

    There is also Yahoo! Analytics and if you want to 'do it yourself' you could try piwik - which touts itself as a competitor to Google Analytics. You can download piwik at www.piwik.org and install it on your server. You need a standard srver set up of PHP, MySQL etc.. And if you've already set up a few websites you should have no problem, if not, your designer/developer should be able to do it easily. it's well documented. You can track as many websites as you want fromt the one console with piwik. I've been following the progress of piwik since it was called phpmyvisites - www.phpmyvisites.net, and I think it is a good system.

    Hope this helps!
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    Nothing on Earth compares, not even close. to StatsJunky! Like Men amongst Boys for sure! And if you don't check them out and the webinars, shame on you all.


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      Hey Dr Net,

      There are 3 that I really like to use and only one cost any money and really it's not that much and especially if you track your own products.

      My favorite 3 ad trackers are:

      Affiliate Prophet, the only paid product $97 for the standard version with an OTO of $147 for the Pro version. It works great for product owners and can do a ton of stuff especially if you get the Pro version, also works great for affiliates. The AIDA is killer, the Pro version can do Taguchi / Multivariate testing and has a click off heat map and can track up to 3 conversions from the same link. Other cool features as well.

      Piwik, I think it was already mentioned, provides some really cool stats and lots of other good info that is useful and can track downloads and clicked links on your site too. Similar to Google Analytics, also FREE and best of all does real time stats.

      Prosper202, designed for affiliates but can easily track your own products with it.

      I use all three of these at the same time and get some killer statistics with them, they all bring a little different functionality and stats to the table and using all 3 at the same time rocks.

      If you're on a budget go with Prosper202 and Piwik, zero cost, good stats. If you want to be able to predict what keywords, websites, web links, etc are working well in your campaign, then Affiliate Prophet will help there as well as the other features mentioned above. It's absolutely killer IMHO.

      I'm always looking for new ad trackers, so far these are the best 3 I have found for both Affiliates and Product Owners.

      If you're interested I'll provide some more details on any or all of my fav 3.

      Hope this helps out,


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    Hello Derek-
    Thanks for these suggestions, I am just getting started researching a d trackers.
    Prior to these 3 did you use others? Mind telling me which ones?
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