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This product is promoted by good guys, Matt Callen , Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, so it could be worth to try. Anyone buys this product? Care to share some thoughts here?
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    Yes, I would like to hear honest reviews of this, too.

    Instant Traffic Websites
    by Peter Garety and Andy Fletcher

    It appears to be at least ONE YEAR OLD, however, so I am surprised there is not more info on WF about it....
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    Very surprised now . . .
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    I figure anyone who doesn't have the balls to sell his product through the Warrior Forum where people can ask questions and write reviews is afraid to get asked questions and be reviewed.

    I didn't buy it but I looked very closely at it and here's my take on it:
    If you are in the traffic/seo/make money online niche, having the meme generator might indeed bring you more traffic as you could promote it and get people to your site with it and once there, they may look around and buy something related.

    But if you're selling screen doors or some other kind of physical product or even a non-IM digital product, how is having a meme generator on your site going to increase traffic or lead to more sales? Is someone looking to buy screen doors going to see a Meme Generator on your site and go "Wow! I was looking for a meme generator like this!"? I think not.

    And is a site full of images of screen doors or maybe fronts of homes with doors going to lend itself to viral memes? Again, I think not.

    I think if you have a site that deals with promoting sites, increasing traffic, making money online etc - a site people in the IM niche go to - then this might be a good thing. Otherwise, why bother?

    And without the ability to ask these and other questions of Peter Garety and Andy Fletcher, I'm going to assume I'm right and not buy it.
    > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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    I watched the webinar for this yesterday, I don't really see great value in this for the reasons the previous poster (seosoldier) has mentioned.

    Also I will no longer buy products which use scarcity tactics, after the webinar the attendees had an hour to get this at a discounted price before it went live to the public. When it went live to the public I checked the price, it was only $5 more.
    I would rather bide my time, and do some research and try and find reviews for new products, not be pressured into buying them immediately.
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      I figure anyone who doesn't have the balls to sell his product through the Warrior Forum where people can ask questions and write reviews is afraid to get asked questions and be reviewed.
      I got an email today from a very well respected warriorforum member making notes of how they are closing down all their WSO's for reasons of their own and how they might never list a WSO again.

      Having a self hosted offer provides you with more control -

      When listing a wso then there are limitations to how you can present your offer - For example you are limited to the number of images you can include in your WSO, you can't add an exit popup etc.

      On the ITW site Peter uses a video skin (reads: Watch The Video Now) - When you click it the skin disappears and the video starts - I don't think something like this would be possible on a WSO.

      Many vendors see more value in sending traffic to their own sites.
      You will find many affiliates will also prefer to promote self hosted products with the odd few refusing to promote a product that is hosted on a forum or a particular forum.

      There are many more reasons why vendors prefer a self hosted solution and it has nothing to do with not having the balls to list it on a forum where people can ask questions and review it. Maybe it's just your way of seeing things - I can only hope some of the notes I made above are valid enough for you to re-consider why many vendors do not list wso's

      My Intake On Instant Traffic Websites

      When a user lands on your website then we need to capitalize on them visitors as much as possible.

      Very briefly, a user will come to your site and do one or a few of the following

      • hit the back button or close the tab
      • read internal pages
      • opt into an email list
      • click an affiliate link
      • Exit Via other methods

      And now if you look at how a general page is constructed then you will see that it has your content, images, videos, your opt in form, affiliate links etc.

      What ITW does is focus on the image aspect of things in a way I've never seen done before. I'm not talking about how you can create memes and allow your users to create them (even though this is a useful feature) and it's no secret that plenty of traffic can be generated using images/memes alone.

      What I really like about it is how it produces individual interactive and monetized pages for each image that complies with the Google webmaster guidelines but even more exciting is how Peter has discovered a new method that allows us to capitalize on our visitors.

      All our sites have images and before ITW I never thought of using them to my advantage other than for what the picture displays (just a static image to please the users eyes and make the content look nice).

      With ITW however, you can make your images clickable that will lead to a image page on your site that has been fully optimized and monetized. The page has all the cool social sharing, comments and interactive areas but also includes a link back to the last post the image was used on. It also shows other related images that if clicked will also lead to a separate page fully optimized for images and user interaction. The pages can also be monetized with google adsense, The image pages also show related images -

      Peter also shows you an example of how a user can exit your page from a youtube video that has been embedded on your site. ITW basically uses the same principles and yes it even provides embed codes for your images.

      ITW is a script based around known techniques that work while being Google compliant.

      But if you're selling screen doors or some other kind of physical product or even a non-IM digital product, how is having a meme generator on your site going to increase traffic or lead to more sales? Is someone looking to buy screen doors going to see a Meme Generator on your site and go "Wow! I was looking for a meme generator like this!"? I think not.
      Think about the notes I just made, the tool has much more value than just being a meme generator.

      A user has come to your site looking for screen doors. They read your post and noticed that when they hovered over the image it was clickable. They didn't do anything but now they have read the post and are just about to leave your site , but they now decide to click the image -

      Now they go over to the optimized image page - they can now see other related images and a certain image of a screen door catches there eye,

      They now click on that and on the new image page they can see the last url the image was used on - they can now click it and start reading that blog entry - or they might like one of the google adsense adds and click it or even click your affiliate link.

      Maybe if you look a little deeper to how exactly this tool can help you then you will think different.

      I must admit it has many different angles and if looking at it from just a meme generator angle then you're not seeing the true benefits.

      It's outside the box thinking at its best -

      And without the ability to ask these and other questions of Peter Garety and Andy Fletcher, I'm going to assume I'm right and not buy it.
      there is a link to the support desk at the bottom of the ITW website - click it and ask - Peter is very well known for his prompt support
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        abs007, I think you are seeing it from the vendors' point of view and that's fine.
        I agree with the others above, though, that the main reason it is being done outside the warrior forum (or that other forum) is because they don't want to answer questions or get possibly negative comments or reviews.

        I see your points. Of course there are advantages for marketers to put their offer on their own sites/pages!

        But Garety and others sold many products here at the WSO forum before, and yes, many did use videos. So it can be done if they want to - maybe not with all the same bells and whistles but it can be done.

        Think about it: How is a vendor going to reach more people? Through sending emails via all his IM pals, or by doing that AND getting the natural traffic that the WSO forum gets?

        So there has to be a reason they don't want all that built in traffic that the WSO forum provides!

        Also, they could easily set up the sales page on their own site AND provide a comment section for comments, questions and reviews.

        So, no, it has to do with the fact that they simply want to be able to spin their web and not have potential buyers bring up some of the objections and hard hitting questions and comments that potential buyers are likely to do.

        Is it wrong for them to sell without answering questions, providing a place for unsolicited honest reviews? No, they are within their rights to do so and maybe they will sell more this way; or not.

        But personally I much prefer to buy in an open forum where people can ask questions and be informed buyers as opposed to reading a sales page and buying without being able to easily ask questions.

        Sure I could write Garety a question and I'd probably get a response. But that's not the same as participating in a free forum where many others are asking intelligent questions and having the benefit of that before buying.

        I actually did buy this product, but haven't looked at it yet!
        I bought it because I DO have a traffic/seo/IM related site that I think the meme generator would be helpful for. But I only bought the one license because I really can't see that much value in it for other sites.

        Yes the idea of the image pages for on page seo (and potentially some off page seo) seems like a good thing. But how much boost will it really give a site? I am skeptical.

        So maybe if he'd released a plug in that just did the image-seo thing, it might have been a big seller at $10, perhaps $15 for unlimited sites. But to pay $50 for 25 sites to have meme generators? It just seems unnecessary and kind of dumb to me. Having one's own meme generator just doesn't seem practical enough to pay $50 for it.

        I'm skeptical about even having paid $30 for the one license I paid for. It better work pretty well as a meme generator that I can sell the idea of people coming to my site to use it, or else I'll refund it. If I thought much of the whole thing I would easily have paid $20 more for the unlimited license but in the end I felt it really wasn't practical to put it on non-traffic/seo/IM type sites.

        And if I get a chance to set it up and use it over the next week or so I'll review it here.
        But with Thanksgiving and a whole list of more important things to do I may not get around to installing it for 2-3 weeks.

        Oh and as to your explanation of how great it can be to use images to keep people on your site, interacting with the images etc... Again, yes, IF you have the right kind of site that will lend itself to interesting images. But if you're selling the average type stuff that most people sell as IMers, then it's doubtful images are going to be that interesting or exciting.

        So it really depends on what kind of site you have. Certainly if you have a site about cats or dogs, or nude women or ... interesting visual subjects, then yeah, this software could be really worthwhile for you. I'm just saying that for the majority of people the benefits are not going to be worth it, because most people don't have a whole bunch of interesting images on their site that people are going to want to interact with.

        "Live and let live".

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    I love how Peter Garety showed up here but said NOTHING, only clicked to THANK Abs007 for defending him, which proves the point made earlier that he doesn't want to interact with potential buyers/ critics/ questioners.

    By the way I agree that Abs made some good points - if only the software worked as easy as it is supposed to. That's the 25,000 dollar question...

    I bought the Garety software and am returning it because it's simply a pain in the ass to set up. The numerous videos you have to watch and hassles you have to go through to set this nightmare of a software up are ridiculously time consuming, and from what I saw of the google hangout group, tons of people had problems with getting it set up.

    I think the meme part of it is way exaggerated as far as its usefulness, and the "creating an image page" part of it will be created by someone else soon, much cheaper, IF it works as it's supposed to. If no one really gets any increased sales from it then no one will bother copying it (if it's not already copied from someone else as I'm finding MANY software products to be, lately).

    "Live and let live".

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      They are rarely legit
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    I agree with ScrooG. I fell for the hype and pressure (must buy within one hour!) and only bought a license for one website. I waited until my website was ready (past the 30-day money back guarantee period) and then found out I was screwed.

    Just watching the videos showing how to install the software had my eyes rolling back in my head! I never saw anything so complicated in my life!!! There were like 5 videos just on the millions of steps to install it, including making changes to the C-panel (installing, deleting, moving files), creating a sub-domain, creating sub-pages and re-directs - I can't even remember all the freaking instructions! All this just to put some cute funny pictures on my website?!

    I wrote a nice email explaining my situation (and blamed myself for not understanding all the instructions) and telling him I had not even downloaded the software since watching the installation videos and knowing I could never use it, and I got a reply back several days later from someone telling me that Peter Garety (sometimes spelled "Gerety") "can't" give me a refund since it had been more than 30 days. $25 down the drain.
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