Anyone know how they are doing this?

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It looks like some sort of youtube exploit is out and its public,people can now easily rank videos to first page in any niche (even high competitive ones),only info i got is that this method involves Google plus and youtube...............anyone know more info about this?
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    I can`t say i have seen anything like that but i would like to know more

    I`am looking for an honest legal business that can make real money online.
    I found one ??????

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      Ok hey guys. I made a warrior account quickly just to post this. Tonight i have been searching quite extensively for a new job as i have a job at the moment but not earning nearly enough as i live with my partner and and 2 children.
      I am 25 and currently learning as many skills possible to open new opputunities for me as the current economic state isn't too good for money or keeping a job. I found this on indeed jobs and at first i was like "hmm this may actually be the thing i'm looking for to get me somewhere i want to be". I now feel after one google search that i have a little over 3 hours listening to the plan and then reading here that i have effectively wasted precious time i could have used for something more productive. A job that i have to pay more than i make in 3 months to really get into isn't something that i do not know myself if it does/doesn't work.
      I feel like we are in a time were quite an extreme risk just isn't something i could do. I realize that this isn't helping anyone know whether it's a goldmine or not i just felt i had to post as this came up on my normal job site and feel that a wasted time i don't have.
      And as my mum has always taught me, If something sounds to good to be true. It usually is =)
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    The only thing I can think of that incorporates the method you talk about and with those results is "Google Hangouts". Kieth Dougherty has a course going that shows you how to get no.1 spot with a YT video going through your G+ account and Hangouts. Hope this helps in your search!
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    Have you got a sample video we can look at? I'm generally pretty good with reverse engineering these types of methods.

    One thing I will say though is YouTubes ranking algorithm is nothing like Googles. Spammy backlinks - think xRumer - can all be used as backlinks from videos.
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