Did you tested http://xmascashkit.com/ ?

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Did anyone tested http://xmascashkit.com/
Not a single word in the homepage video what it is.Only just how good money maker.
They say that easy to do.
Easy to do what?
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    Been waiting for my log in info for this for 3 days after buying it

    how can i cash in on Christmas shoppers if i do not get to log in?

    it has good reviews but i bought it and 2 upsells
    and after filling out 2 support tickets and calling
    customer service im thinking about a refund request soon

    i only bought it as i was the affiliate so i get back $105 if clicksure
    ever pays me

    i guess they only pay affiliates when they have over $450 in my account tho.
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      I got my log in

      its not an automated system as they represent it

      its got 20 hours of training for set up involved and
      the front end upsells are not the only upsells

      it requires a hosting program to build targeted buyers

      it suggests that you buy tweeking strategies to
      build your youtube marketing

      ill finish the training but its not easy and hours
      of work everyday are required unless you ...

      outsource the work at a cost

      id say that you need about $400 conservatively in
      total start up costs to get it to a point where you can automate it

      it will take about 25 days to get it on autopilot
      so i guess my next holiday campaign that it will be ready for
      would be Valentine s Day

      However if you find a few good niches it will make you money year round
      after your 25 day build up.

      Btw 25 days isnt bad as many programs take 3 months or more to get money over $1000 a month

      but you need $400 to have it going with all the upsells and components that you must built into it

      id say try it for the training but you also need to devote time for weekly webinars

      it is a money back seniario on about $191 of that $400

      thats the new trend with all clicksure and
      clickbetter products front end upsells that can be refunded
      and back end ones that cannot be recouped by the buyer

      so there you have it gang

      Happy Holidaze to All


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        Please you have done a great job, by this review. I will first of all say sorry for the unexpected ordeal. I have been waiting for an honest review about this programe since Nov. 27th. I think the level of exaggeration nowadays is too much for earnest job seekers. Once again, I have appreciated tat. Keep it up.
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