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Has anyone seen this? Is it any good? I've gotten a lot of emails about it. But I doubt I can start to profit with only $20-$50 like the sales page suggests.

Media Buy Academy Reloaded (official site)
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    I bought it 2 days ago but I haven't been able to access the product and support still haven't responded yet! So despite having given them $277 already, I'd still quite like to know if it's any good as well!
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    Hi Diana, have you been able to download or access to this product?
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      I've got access now. I've bought media buys courses and joined media buy membership clubs in the past and I can definitely say that Media Buy Academy is far superior to anything that I've experienced before.
      I haven't been through the whole course but every section that I have been through, I've learnt something new.
      They've tapped into lots of different people who are experts in each particular area and produced a refreshingly high quality course.
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    If you would like an alternative to this product I would look at "TrafficBlackbook 2.0" this is a solid Media Buying course by Chad, which also has many of the guys listed in the Original course you are looking at and comes at an more affordable cost.

    It may seem hard to believe but YES you can get started and even make some conversions from as little as $20-50 this is by purchasing direct to site ad buys from website owners, or going to a small platforms like "BuySellAds" which allows you to place your ads on small websites that sell ad space.

    Like anything it takes some time to learn all the methods to generate the traffic, and you will most likely need an Ad Server, this will allow you to place ads on the site owners websites and rotate ads etc go check out "Adshuffle" for this and also you may need a good Tracking Tool to see how your ads are performing such as "prosper 202" which is free.

    Lastly you would also need a research tool to tell you what ads from your competition/niche are doing well, and on what sites so you could create similar winning ads and look at similar websites to place your own ads on, "WhatRunsWhere" would be ideal for this step.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    So is it any good?

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