Adam Ginsbergs Template Optimizer Extreme ebay software and Click To Trade software

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Hi Everyone

Just been to a seminar today in London where Adam Ginsberg is offering his very high priced software and coaching products.

After seeing some poor reviews of his earlier Speedlings product, I was wondering if anyone is using latest software and coaching.

Template Optimizer Extreme makes great eBay listings with lots of functionality in the UK he's selling it for £3997 stand alone or £7997 with a coaching program. Is does cool additional functionality such as arbitraging Amazon products on eBay.

The other product is Click To Trade which auto generates landing pages and Adwords ads for Amazon products. Supposedly creating a massive passive income with only 2 hours of work a week. This is £7000 alone or £10000 with coaching.

Both offerings very expensive. I guess in the USA he sells at the same price in dollars.

Too good to be true?

Let me know if you are using either or have had experience with Adam Ginsberg.

Many thanks
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