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I did a search on the warrior forum and could not find even one thread or post. Don't know if it is brand new or not. Just recieved it in my email today. Looks very good but don't they all

Here is what I have on it from the selling site. The name of the business is Dream Lifestyle System by Nick Bramble

The cost is a one time $247 and you make $200 per sale without any other downline sales 2ups or anything etc. Not sure if it has a back end offer or not. I don't think it is being sold by clickbank as I don't see any affiliate link at the bottom. The main product is his marketing info to learn to increase your sales etc.

However the main marketing gimick or catch is that you can push just one button and start getting traffic and sales immediately. Basically that is based on purchasing an advertising package ($197 per share and you can get up to 3 shares per month from them). They claim that is getting the sales into the $1000's per month as a start and the traffic product teachings will get you the millions.

So bascially the cost is $257 one time and then unless you are experienced and can do it on your own $197 per mth for the traffic package per share. Would be worth it if you even get only 2 sales per month as you make $200 per sale. Doesn't sound like a coop but not sure.

I imagine the traffic product is everything experienced marketers know but may be good for beginners. Just guessing as they all seem to say the same things about advertising and traffic most of the time as there is not much new that nobody does not know about on the web.

So what I am looking for is anybody having sucess if they bought it with the advertising package that you have immedialte access to in the back office. If that is really not working then its just another get out there and make sales traffic course etc.

Any body havng success?

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    This sort of thing is not something you will find a lot
    of Warriors using - it's more of a bizop sort of program
    and you should look on MLM and HYIP boards to find
    enthusiasts for such things.

    I've been-there/done-that with bizop stuff like this -
    it's often mostly smoke and mirrors, charging inflated
    fees for little value aside from the license to sell it to
    others. This is not a bad thing, just the way these
    things are. For many people these sorts of things
    are exactly what they like to buy and promote.

    I still do bizop stuff, but my approach is not the
    opportunist approach you will mostly see with these
    online "income opportunity" things. A couple of
    years ago they were selling vast packages of ebooks
    for $1000 - now it's ad-packs. In any case, the cost
    to the program developer to deliver the product is
    very low - the value is fabricated and enforced, usually,
    with hyperbole and images of easy wealth and a carefree
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    thanks loren with such a good reply
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    that's a good review! have you joined yet?
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    Here is my experience with Nick Bramble's Dream Lifestyle System (DLS).

    I am usually a very cautious swedish woman, soon 60yrs, but a complete newbie in this industry and in dire need of money. I got an email about the DLS-site, and after reading all "free info", I thought, this is for me. You pay a one time fee and get a business up and going. Splendid chance to get some extra money. And in the meantime, learn HOW and WHAT to do, just following the tutorial-program inside. So...I took my very last money and gave it a GO!

    I joined DLS on May 19th and paid $200 to the affiliate - email and $47 to Bramble, got access to the backoffice. First thing here - customize the site to work properly in the auto system...it is a great help with the videos, to get the steps right, on to Aweber and autopilot. And it is VERY EASY to follow, even for a newbie like me.

    Next I was eager to learn, what Nick Bramble's Success Blueprint was all about, only to find that there was NO LINKS to the videos and a message saying they where re-doing them, due to some technical problem....They all work now, after weeks of waiting.
    So, with no videolinks, I figured, best to take advantage of Bramble's offer "Private Coaching Group for a Lifetime", which cost another $247 (a one time fee). Only 150 people allowed and it has been 31 spots left from start, also after I signed up. Not updated at all. The coaching consists of weekly videos that so far, seem to be a mix of Bramble's own recent lessons and some older ones, by him and other authors. I had to wait for them as well to come in my email.

    This weeks 5 videos (of 16) about Aweber and a program called Track That AD, by another author/speaker. "Track that ad" was from 2004 and last updated April 10th 2007. Free to use, but with an old graphic layout. Now, that seems a bit outdated to me. Please remember, I am a newbie and maybe this is a good upgraded and valid program in other places on internet.

    Having no knowledge of how to drive traffic to my very first site, I realized I have to pay another $197 (1 "share" = 1month targeted ads) for that famous easy "Push Button Marketing" = Ad-Coop. If you don't have your own resources and knowhow, you are really sucked in here). My Ad-Coop started the 21 -22 of May. Today is 20th June.

    Last, but not the least, and this is really bad! It is not until you have paid the fee, you realize that there are no customer guaranties, except on the page where you purchase the Ad Coop-shares, which says it is non refundable, that being money already spent on advertising. This is bad business ethics. "100% guaranty, tested to work for you" is not the same as a Refund Policy.

    Summary: I do NOT recommend Dream Lifestyle System. Please... save your money!

    I'm sick and tired of all the hyped up ads and videos, promoting DLS on Google and elsewhere. All have the same text-layout-formula, more or less. I have deleted the few ads I had in a couple of traffic exchanges. This is not a descent or honest business and to lure others into it is not my way.

    At this very moment, 20th June, the Ad Coop has resulted in 13 subscribers, NO SALES, I repeat NO SALES. I find this equation very strange and not worth the money ($197). Where is that promised, guarantied cashflow? Additional costs for other traffic exchange services, both paid traffic and my own surfing, valued in time and clicks with NO SALES. Total loss $780. I've been had ...

    Is this a pyramid scam? I say YES! The swedish law say YES! Have I been naive? Oh Yes! This offer is cleverly disguised and gives the impression that you buy your own business and everything is done for you, as long as you pay for the tools offered at the backoffice When signing up for one of these offers just to check it out, a squeeze page with a MLM offer from the owners appears on several of the tools. You feel trapped in this tight inner circle that makes all the money, on gullible, poor people like me. I have sent this letter (slightly edited) today and filed a ticket for a refund. I will update my progress here.
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      Thanks so much for your time in writing this excellent review.

      This will help a lot of people.

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        Thank You!

        Update info #1:

        Still NO answer to my request for a refund from Bramble's office.
        Which is interesting beause, as long as your emails are about issues within the "system", they do answer very quickly.

        As for the affiliate, he has not answered either.

        I will give them a few more days, then I shall press charges against this scam. I also filed above letter at Rippoff , where you can read another complaint on the same topic.

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          Originally Posted by Helen Mortensen View Post

          Thank You!

          Update info #1:

          Still NO answer to my request for a refund from Bramble's office.
          Which is interesting beause, as long as your emails are about issues within the "system", they do answer very quickly.

          As for the affiliate, he has not answered either.

          I will give them a few more days, then I shall press charges against this scam. I also filed above letter at Rippoff , where you can read another complaint on the same topic.



          Not all is lost!

          Talk to your credit card bank or company quoting the purchase dates, amounts
          etc. Then ask what their procedure is to lodge a complaint and apply for a refund. Usually this is a (form)letter from you to the bank, showing ALL
          relevant details about this transaction. You show the bad and sad results
          of this purchase with (hopefully) copies of all relevant documents, emails
          receipts etc.

          It is best if there was a "REFUND" or "GUARANTEE" period and you act ASAP,
          before it expires. Be very clear to the bank that your have been CHEATED and that they are doing business with a dishonest vendor.

          Good luck!
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            Thanks for your advice!

            I will do that asap.

            BTW, one of the more bizzare comments from Nick Bramble, once you are a member and start customize your site with different payment options... he says, "do not to use PayPal since they have a known record of anti-merchant attitudes and can freeze our account anytime...we use PayPal on our own risk".

            I will post my progress here. Thanks again.
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    Again thanks for good advice.

    I will continue to update my progress in the other thread on the same topic.

    See you there.

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    Thanks for your review helen and sorry you had to lose money.
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