XSitePro2 Status For XSitePro Users

by amuro
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If you are using XSitePro2 like me and have been wondering why there haven't been updates or why they still used html sites, the reason is because the owner Paul Smithson has not been in great health for the past 18 months and fighting for his life.

You can read his blog post here.

So instead of criticizing or judging him for his outdated software themes, let us pray - if you are Christians - that he will recover and stayed well so that he can be in the best condition to carry on where he left off.

In this case, XSitePro3. After all, he did more than enough for XSitePro2 even before Wordpress came a common thread among marketers.
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    I am long time member of XsitePro. I wish the Founder P.Smithson all the best and pray he makes a quick and full recovery.
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    Sad to hear that didnt know he wasn't well. I have sent several emails and support tickets to xsitepro without reply and I can see why now.

    Still love the program, it's basic compared to the bells and whistles of wordpress but it helped me get started online and I still use it on a regular basis.
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    I used XSitePro for many years with resistance to moving to WordPress but I have no choice but to move because of lack of updates and I'm also using a Mac. But definitely will pray for him...
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