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Anybody tried Shawn Casey's Zero Selling System?
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    Still curious if anyone has any feedback on this or has any ideas on what this is about. Trust is dwindling in this environment and I welcome selfless Warrior perspectives. Thank you.
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    I also would like to get feedback on Shawn Casey products.
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      I received one today, must admit it sounds good but like you said no details!
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        i'm thinking on buying zero selling system can you tell me how it is is it good and explain it for me thank yoiu
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          Hey I have purchased Shawn Caseys zero selling system and I am very inmpressed with the 1st ebook that he gives you although I havent managed to finnish dowing what he tells you. He also gives you a 2nd ebook which I do not like much. Thre reason why I do not like the second ebook is because It tells you to put software on your site that anti-virus detectors say are very suspicious. One of the software do not accept new advertisers anymore so it must be old info and another that I tried to sign up wouldn't even tell me if I was accepted or not even when I tried emailing them they ignored me.

          Over all I think it's worth considering getting just for the 1st ebook but I would discarde the second. By the way if you don't know what the program is about then it's about signing up to CPA comapnies, companies that pay out money when details have been written into there system.

          Hope this helps people
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