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I just came across some videos discussing this program which apparently started this Fall
dealing with selling Amazon products on E-bay. It also appears to have a multi-level marketing setup for recruiting.

Does anyone have any first hand experience in DS DOMINATION?

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    I looked at it but still waiting for some reviews before i buy!

    I`am looking for an honest legal business that can make real money online.
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      Yes. I am in DS Domination. Great program for customers and affiliates. Feel free to ask anything you need answers to.

      I have been with DSD since they started in mid August. Personally I have had great results on Ebay and as an affiliate. I am a newbie to internet marketing(started in July). So for myself and many others this is the first program that we've made good money(+$2kmonth) with.

      Course training is easy - just follow the instructional video's exactly as he says and it will work. Some of my team has seen their first sale in 24hours some it took a few weeks. Depends on understanding of the concept and time put into it. There are two levels with DSD and a few one time purchase options of other products. Recommend starting at Pro(19.95month) making some profit, and learning the process then use your profit to upgrade to Elite($99month). Average profit on Pro level is about $5-$10 item where on Elite is more like $30+ an item.
      On another note, I don't believe your sponsor is too important if you're just going to sell on Ebay, as most questions are answered in videos or faq area. Also DSD has an online Help Desk where Roger and his team answer your questions. Yes I have been doing this a few months with good success but Roger and his team have been doing it for 10+ years- who would you want your answer from? lol.

      Affiliate side- Of course I recommend you actually use the system and make money with DSD before becoming an affiliate. Once you do, it's actually an easy system to convert since you'll have proof plus it's only $19.95 to start. And with an 80% success rate its hard to turn down compared to other mlms. They also have their own affiliate marketing you can purchase - which includes capture pages, you can buy leads and traffic, and general training. Definitely worth it.

      I have a youtube channel with some videos if you're interested PM me. I also give my team CL traffic bananas for free, and some youtube ranking training as well via Dream Team(name of our team im in).

      Of course if you want to join my team, that would be great too!
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        Yes I've bought it and used it. I actually made some money with it...well kind of. The problem for me is that I'm overseas (australia) trying to sell on US ebay - the course teaches you to go after and undercut hot selling products and just get really skinny margins (but list a ton of products) ...so after currency exchange rate fees, paypal fees and the low value Australian dollar (which keeps moving around), I usually end up in the red...and then sometimes state sales tax comes in the equation and then I definitely am in the red. So to combat this I have to set the pricing nearly 15 to 20 dollars higher than the US based sellers just to stay afloat.

        So for me it doesn't work that great unless I spend 18 hours a day finding and listing products that I might make a tiny margin after deducting all the fees and even then the changing currency exchange rate keeps screwing up my pricing which makes it impossible to manage.

        The good point about it is that it does teach how eBay works and is a good tour of what is selling and I think for US based sellers you could really kill it if you put a ton of time into it and then as the previous reviewer said you pay a bit more and then to the next membership level which goes into dropshipping from other suppliers.
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          Good point there mate
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            I'm DSD right now. I've made almost $3,000 in sales and 70% of that is profit so far. So simple I can work the system while watching TV each night.

            The training modules are step by step and on top of that there's live training every wednesday night where he literally walks you through the process and gives tips tricks etc that aren't in the regular training.

            My team also gets a free marketing system worth over $2,000 in extra resources for those that choose to be an affiliate (although being an affiliate is not required to make money). I Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to make money but can't recruit a 1,000 people.

            Internet business where someone else does all of the set-up, selling, and follow-up FOR YOU! ==> Click Here

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              I'm a mother of three latin living in the US for three years now. I can tell you right now that this program works. I've been with roger for almost a year now, and now I'm a powerseller on ebay. I generate an extra income (around $1,500) a month now wich is great! I love it, is easy, simple and everyone cando it. No special skill needed. About a month ago I decided to share this business and created a web Subscribe | Make Home Income Fast. If you are not sure about this training, check my website and my proof of success.
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    I haven't joined DS DOMINATION yet, but 6 of my business partners are members
    and making money with it. When I join I'll post my results here.
    Click Here To Learn How build Your Online Business
    List Even If Your Broke

    ~James Taylor~
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    there are a couple of threads in the classified section on this. I was a member and posted a lot in these threads.
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      Yes I am in DS Domination and been working the program consistently for 3 months now. Our team is absolutely crushing it and we offer all new team members a FREE complete marketing system with training included. You get everything you need to market DS Domination effectively online as an affiliate.

      We have a marketing co-op for DSD you will be able to be a part of, I'll also add you to our private Facebook group, and lastly I help my team any way I can if they need additional support through the training or marketing. The training is awesome in DS Domination but you can never have enough support really especially when you're brand new starting out, and our team is supportive like no other.

      This program has been nothing short of a blessing

      Be blessed Warriors in 2014

      To your success,

      Kirk Lindner
      DS Domination Review - Making Money Drop Shipping on Ebay Secrets - Home
      Call me 651-560-6576
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    Ah the smell of shite off this thread. Get up outta dat ya chancer. yuuuup yup yup yup..
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    Wow. With all the raving positive reviews here I would say just one thing to you.
    Google it. Find some reviews that are NOT written by affiliates. I did and not all is as it seems here.
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    IM Ninjas Rule!
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