shelly Ryan turbo cash generator

by rsaron
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Does anyone have an opinion on this?


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    Yes, I would like to know too
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    yes what was that? I asked some questions but without reply,
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    yes i know about that
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    check my signature i have make this blog 4 u ! couz i coudnt post here couz of links !
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    From what I can tell, from a few reviews, it will get you followers, but I haven't heard one person say they have made money... just that it added followers to their followers list... For $15 you can orde twitter power thru amazon and learn how to build a targeted following.... I think i will be passing on Turbo Cash Generator Software....

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    ok i said i made it
    i can prove it through clickbank account and through my twitter and through snapshots from members area

    by the time the review site i made it after it work for me and i tried her products all of them
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    Here is one very detailed review of it:Turbo Cash Generator review
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    you can download it here hxxp:// , i saw this link somewhere on the blackhat forum
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    I purchased the Turbo Cash Generator and Instant Profit Machine. They are both plug and play software programs that create websites for you. All you do is plug in your clickbank ID for the TCG and Your adsense number for ICP. You'll need your own domain and hosting. Like any website you have to drive traffic to it to make money. I just set my first one up a week ago and it's ranking #4 on google if you type in Shelly Ryan Review.
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    Hey guys this product has been out for a while now and I haven't noticed much reviews. Has any one made any decent amount of money from this system as yet?

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    If people are making money from I would like to know some details. I still have a domain and a host that it is on but I have since moved on to some easier things to promote.
    Skysponder is Live!
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