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I see no reviews yet on the latest traffic building system, so any reviews on this new deal. I evaluate them all before joining, some work, some don't, some will be worth the small investment, most won't.

Success to all,
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    Oh well, took the plunge, friend is seeing some positive traffic, so we shall see. Will report back with results.

    Happy Healthy Wealthy New Year to all,
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    As you said most don't work - yes that is the case. Or even if some work, they work for the top positioners and top promoters. I am really fed up of MLM. Tried a lot and failed.
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    I'll give you my review.....bought it, promoted it; no sales in 3 days, asking for refund. Shocking that I haven't gotten a reply back yet! Ahhh, we live and learn. (My take: Useless product)
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      Okay, so I heard back from them and they said they would give me a refund. In theory it's a good system because you can promote your own businesses on there as well, but I don't know what kind of traffic they're generating.....certainly isn't converting. Would be interested to find out how anyone else is doing with this.

      Happy New Year All
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