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Hi Everyone,

I am a new member here, Admin if this is not the right section of the forum, please move this post to the relevant section,

I was just introduced to this program by a good and trusted friend. I believe this is something you might be interested in as well as something that could be very beneficial to us all. Please take a good look at it and watch the videos.

You do not pay anything when you join. They build your downline for you and will call you in 3 to 4 weeks when they have your downline ready to go. Then you pay $200 and in 2 weeks you start getting paid every Friday. Here is the pay plan:

1st Week 0
2nd Week Company sends you $40.00
3rd Week Company sends you $100.00
4th Week Company sends you $200.00
5th Week Company sends you $400.00
6th Week Company Sends you $1,000.00

* Every Friday after that is Pay Day!! $1,000.00 as long as you pay $120 per month.

In exchange for this you do nothing. You are requested to share the program with 2 people but it is not a requirement.

This is a 1 1/2 year old offline program which is just coming online. It does not pay you itself but puts you into well-established online MLM companies where they build your downline so that you benefit from the compensation plan without having to refer or ever sell anything. You do pay for the monthly autoship (that is the $120 monthly). There will be other streams of income added (other MLMs where your downline will be built for you). People are already receiving $1000-$3000 per week.

You can opt to come in with 3 BCs for 3 x the cost and 3x the profits and you will start getting paid sooner but there is a form that has to be hand-carried, so get back to me if you want to do that.

I really hope you like this. I just joined it the other day, and when I looked this morning, there is a referral under me that I know of and this referral is a "heavy hitter," meaning they refer hundreds of people all the time. And the funny thing is I didn't recruit this referral!!! Hope this continues, but we'll never know unless we give it a shot, right?

Please feel free to post any question, I will be glad to answer any,

If you do decide to join OPL, please PM me and I will send you the link to sign-up, once signed up let me know and I will guide you step by step all the way so that you can get ur account setup fast and I will be able to send you all the latest updates,

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to put out a quick update on those that have sent me your emails.
    If I have responded to you, to tell you that I received your request, I will be in contact with you sometime today.
    I will be online today, and I will find out exactly how they want to handle the issue of all the countries not showing in the signup link.
    I'm hoping that they will correct it in the back office and you can just go there and fill in your information, but if not, I will be sending all of you an application to send back to me directly.
    If you have not sent me your email address, please feel free to do so.

    Now, this is only for those that are in countries that are on the list already posted in this thread. If you are new, and have not seen the list, here it is again:

    * Australia
    * Barbados
    * Canada
    * Dominican Republic
    * Hong Kong
    * Korea
    * Malaysia
    * Mexico
    * New Zealand
    * Philippines
    * Singapore
    * Taiwan
    * The Netherlands
    * Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
    * United Kingdom
    * United States

    Once again, PM or email me if you want to discuss this further, as discussed with some of you, I can send your details direclty to the Admin for secure and fast processing,

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