Hydra Video -- anybody have any review of it?

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I see the hype on it -- just wondering if it's worth it.


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    I have it and it's not playing nice ...
    If interested there's a review of it on Mission0ps

    It's there for all to see!
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      Originally Posted by Mission0ps View Post

      I have it and it's not playing nice ...
      If interested there's a review of it on Mission0ps

      It's there for all to see!
      Hi, I have Hydravid as-well, so disappointed, its not working, gonna keep trying to see if I can get it going as I know it does work because you can go to hitmission.com and see other videos that other people have uploaded and are working fine but I can also see there my video is loaded and not working, also I have noticed that youtube have sent a message that they have blocked a attempt to enter my account from a unrecognized location and I know that was hydravid trying to upload the video at my account.

      I purchased this software partially because the guy in the video looked very trustworthy and all the information I have read about him was good, and I still trust he will try his hardest to iron out any bugs and anyproblems that youtube maybe throwing in the way
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    Now the video can be viewed at hitmission but it is being blocked by youtube but i have loaded the video manually by uploading it myself direct at youtube, far from saving me time this as wasted two days and its still not working.

    I believe the software is fine and may of worked on launch day but I also believe and this is just my belief, tell me I am wrong if you like, but I believe large companies like youtube have programmers and other people who work for them that look out for software like hydravid and once they find them they can put lines of script in place to stop it from working on the platform, I have no proof, but that's my belief and what I would do if I were working at a high enough position at youtube, google etc.
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    I'm really thankful to this thread, and the ones who commented above! I was just about to get it too.
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  • Has anybody tried to unsubscribe from Hit Mission Videos It's owned by same guy as HydraVid. I want to unsubscribe but there is no way to do it and I am not getting any replies to my numerous emails and social media appeals.

    But I will not give up. I will alert the right people and have their site removed if it goes that far.

    I am actually really pissed about this.!!

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