Senuke XCr + Brute Force SEO EVO 2 = dead. What are the best link building software of 2014?

by cTory
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Finding the most effective link building software is very frustrating. Senuke Xcr is not the only one I am talking about that is dead, other too like Brute Force SEO EVO 2, Venom Seo Pro, and Xgen seo are in the grave as well.

In 2011, I used something called 3waylinks . net. In one week, 1000 visitors a day, then the next week, 2000 visitors per day. I don't why everyone on this forum back then was saying 3waylinks is junk, it is useless, it doesn't work. But why did it work for me? Later I used easy WP seo and got 1000 extra visitors. After the Google Peingin update 3waylinks and 1waylinks hit hard. Ever since that day, I cannot find a good link building tool, I just keep finding garbage.

The only effective Seo software I can find today is Linkvana and money robot submitter. However, Linkvana is overprice, not only you have to pay 147 a month, but you have to pay for credits to obtain other services like social bookmarking, rss, press releases, edu, and gov, links. Money robot submitter, finally, a submitter that works. I can see the indexing and the directories from the search results to my urls. But the trial version is limited to 5 threads at a time. Ugh.

Much as I hate rejections, many marketers have been complaining that Senuke have high rates of not indexing links. Just like I have been applying for jobs since I was 15, then permanently stop at 21. Never had one single job. Fast food, retail, warehouse, hotels, cleaning, landscaping, temp service, job affairs, you name it. Applied over 600+ openings, and not one single person on earth wants me.

Similar to tier tools that you submit to. Sending 20 websites to 100+ different directories, and not a single one gets indexed. Waste of time, money, and catches. People say all the time you should get a job first, then do internet marketing. If no one wants to hire you in this world, what else the hell you do? Flea markets were the only places I could make cash offline, but 5000+ people walk by and only 25 buy stuff in the booth here, slow money.

Anyway, my conclusion is, waht are the next seo softwares should I use? GSA SER & Scrapebox seems like my only hope now, however, I am afraid that my websites might get penalized. So can anyone help me out here?
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    GSA + Scrapebox + Magic Submitter. Never had an issue with any. Software doesn't get your websites penalized. Not using quality content on your sites will, as will using auto-generated content for your campaigns. If you use high quality, hand spun content, and have a solid link building strategy, you will succeed.
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    None of those mass tools work anymore. This is what i do to get top rankings.

    Backlink the money page with a PR1-2 homepage backlink (buy PR expiring domains) and at the same time i'll hit the page with 5-10 social bookmarks from Social Addr. Then i wait 5-8 days. And there is usually a rankings boost. Then repeat.

    I order 1 unique, 300 word article for the PR domain home page. Then i make 3-5 youtube video posts on the pr domain. Obviously the pr domain topic is the same as the money page being promoted. And i don't use keyword anchor text. I backlink using anchor text phrases like, click here, go here, url, ect. If you use your keyword as anchor - even variations of it, you'll get penalized.

    With social addr i spin all titles and body's. If i do 7 bookmarks i'll have 7 spun titles. And try not to have your keyword in there much at all.

    The big thing is if you have really good quality content it only takes a handful of backlinks to rank. Your article has to have lots of LSI keywords in it.

    When i order an article i will come up with a list of questions for the keyword. Then give them to the writer and tell them to put the questions within the article and answer the questions. You end up with an article with lots of LSI keywords. Sometimes you can rank an article like this with 0 backlinks. I did that once.
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    I think linkvana is a decent service. You just need to hire your own writer to write a lot of unique content, then have it posted to their network and other sites. I am going to give them another try myself. I agree that scrapebox is a must have software as well. Great for researching everything!
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      SEnuke is very much alive and remains super effective for thousands of members.

      It's not SEnuke that stopped being effective as all features still function properly just as it always has. What ISN'T working is some of the strategies that members were using in conjunction with SEnuke.

      SEO is ever evolving, techiques and strategies that work well today may not have any effectiveness tomorrow. You need to be on top of your game, be constantly researching and tweaking previous strategies or developing new ones if you want to keep current or gain back lost rank.

      Although SEO evolves, SEnuke remains constant and always functional. When we discover anything new in SEO we let our members know, if we can add it as feature in Nuke we do so. Our members also share their success in the SEnuke forum as well as sharing their effective SEnuke campaign templates.

      Lots of stuff still happening here at the SEnuke camp....stay tuned

      Joe Russell
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    Scrapebox and GSA are my top 2. Just don't build links directly to money site. Use tiers.
    Want ASM 2014? contact me
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    I am using SEnuke XCr+ GSA + Scrapebox together and getting very positive results yet. This is actually not which tool you are using, it depends on how you are using it.
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    before subscribe any automation tool you should know how to use it ?
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    I have used SenukeXCR and still using it and i dont have any negative impact of that,if you know how to use the software before subscribing it you will see the positive results or else your ranking will go worst.

    Automated tools are like sharp knife if you don't know how to handle it you will hurt yourself.


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    Of course GSA Search Engine Ranker is the software for current time, it has all those features which a software should have to work with Google updates. And its most unique feature is it can create backlinks from relevant sites which Google likes most.
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