Has Anyone Ever Tried AMAutomation?

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I recently launched a blog which I am targeting to market a clickbank product. I decided to take the article marketing course and put some effort into making articles to get some traffic and generate sales as well.

And I came across AMAutomation at articlemarketingautomation.com

Has anyone tried it? Can anyone give me some pointers on how to go about it?

The sales page is really good in my opinion and im as close as it can get to being sold.
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    I got this for free as a member of PLRPro but haven't yet used it for a long time. Check out if it is still included in the package. At least you're getting more value with your subscription -not just AMA's feature but also exclusive articles.

    And I believe they have upgraded all addons to PLRPro and now it's PGB. It has more advanced feature.

    I'll be utilizing everything when everything's settled down on my part.
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    I am a member of AMA and if your goal is to get traffic from AMA then you are better off writing articles for ezine. But if your goal is to get quality backlinks for your site, then AMA is one of the best out there. I have submitted four articles to AMA and in less than 2 weeks i have more than 100 backlinks. However, google needs to index the sites first before the links take effect.
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    I use it and I love it. Very easy to use user interface and - as one other poster said - very effective for getting backlinks. I have been able to get onto the front page of Google and get a PR2 ranking very quickly with a site that's just a few weeks old.

    Haven't seen much direct traffic, but that doesn't surprise and isn't what I had expected anyway.

    Best Regards,


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    Are we required to spin articles when submitting to AMA?. Can I choose not to spin it?
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    I am using it and have been using it for 3 months. I have submitted 9 articles which have been sent to 584 blogs.

    You wont get much direct traffic from these blogs, however you do get backlinks and slowly traffic from google is increasing due to this.

    The good thing is you dont need to write awsome articles, Just make sure they make sense and are free from spelling errors.

    I spend about 1.5 hours writing each article which on average that article gets spun and sent to around 80 blogs.

    You can re spin and re-use the article for ezaritcles / squiddo ect...

    I recommend the site.

    The site I have written 7 articles for, has 6 of its 25 pages in the top 10 of google. The site is 2 months old. This is mostly thanks to AMautomation.
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    I'm seriously considering signing up, are there any other services like this?
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      I used it and was impressed, it is relatively easy to use, though it does take a bit of time to get each article rewritten to where they are pretty unique. The article distribution begins immediately and they provide you the stats on how often your articles get accepted and how many articles you have being distributed. All in all, I believe it is one of the better systems out there. Hope this helps.
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        I have been using free traffic system so far and i'm pretty satisfied but probably i'll sign up for ama too...just to compare them.
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