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Hi all,

It's time to put my videos on a hosting site rather than keeping them unlisted on Youtube.

Does anyone have any experience with a great video hosting site?

I've found Vimeo, Rackspace, Vzaar, Viddler, BrightCove, but haven't used any of them.

Does anyone have experiences with them?

Looking forward to your feedback!
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    You can check out dailymotion as well. If you are looking for your personal video hosting on your own domain check out

    DealDomains.Net | Design your Dreams
    List of Quality Top 5 Web hosting Providers | Just to help you when you need them :)

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    Thanks for opening this thread. But which of them are dofollow?
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    Thank you very much for useful information.
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    Mmmm, I wonder if Joshnano and buildyourinc may have been slightly influenced in their choice of host because of their affiliate links which would earn them at least $100 for recommendation???
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    Other sites worth checking out are: veho, metacafe, flickr, and break. Keep in mind each one may have requirements for amount of uploads per months, quality of videos required and size or time length. They also may offer free or premium options depending on your needs. No doubt YT offers the most viewers however if other options are needed because of certain restrictions, always good to have a backup.
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      Hey there

      I work for vzaar (thanks for the name check above!) and I'll happily answer any questions you might have about the site.

      I'd say the "best video hosting site" really depends what you're looking for it to do - different sites will have different strengths.

      I can only really speak for vzaar here (insert bias warning here) but we've got a pretty comprehensive toolset: video security, video SEO, mobile delivery, customizable player plus our support guys are literally awesome so if you need anything a little more technical they can usually help.

      If you wanted to get into it further feel free to reach out.
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    Thanks all for your recommendations. I'm surprised no one has mentioned S3Amazon.

    And yes, not cool to post your affiliate links without stating so.
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      For my last course, I used S3 Amazon and then protected the links with a plugin from wicked cool plugin that hides the download link to my bucket. Only issue with it is (unless someone tells me I am wrong), it only uses the flash video player so won't work on iPads that many are using to watch.

      The next course I am thinking of using Vimeo. For their plus and/or pro plan you can restrict the video to only play on your domain which covers the issues I had above since it will still convert to html 5.

      I haven't used the other ones since I couldn't justify a high monthly expense for some of my cheaper courses but may be good for my higher end courses.

      You never mentioned wistia which is another popular option.
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      Originally Posted by Core Freedom View Post

      Thanks all for your recommendations. I'm surprised no one has mentioned S3Amazon.

      And yes, not cool to post your affiliate links without stating so.
      Not cool, and against the rules.

      Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I have found & to both be very good resources.
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    I've been using for 6 years in a row now to host all of my own VIDEOS and AUDIOS. They have a very user friendly interface that's simple to use and they also have some really cool additional feature above and beyond just hosting your videos and audios.

    You can record new videos right from your back office or upload videos from your computer or your phone. You can also host conference calls and record your own audios using your computer or by using your phone.

    I also upload videos to the free social video sites but when you host your own you don't have to worry about people being distracted by other peoples videos or advertisements that people see when you go with most free hosting platforms.
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    These are great tips, everyone! Thanks. I will research them and then make a decision.

    Has anyone here decided to just upload their own videos to their own VPS or dedicated server? Wouldn't that be the most ideal option?
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    Hope that helps
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