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I just bought a new domain, installed wordpress, and I'm basically ready to go on my next IM project! However I think I want to do things differently this time, and build a membership site, but I have NO idea how to go about doing this. Is there a specific plugin I can use for wordpress or maybe a WSO or online tutorials somewhere I can get that will teach me how to build a membership site? Thanks!
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    The best plugin for membership site is DAP.. you can just buy the monthly licence which is 19$ or something like that.. and you can create a membership site really fast with it.
    Or you can try with Optimizepress 2.0 It all depends on you
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      Originally Posted by William2010 View Post

      The best plugin for membership site is DAP.. you can just buy the monthly licence which is 19$ or something like that.. and you can create a membership site really fast with it.
      Or you can try with Optimizepress 2.0 It all depends on you
      I see DAP is now offering a monthly membership option....interesting. Personally, I think it's a better business model for a software/service...both for the customer and the developer.

      MemberMouse is another WP plugin....very good. Can get started for $20/month...and there is a 14-day free trial.
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    Optimize Press has the ability to create a complete membership site. It also has tonnes of other features like easy squeeze page creation etc...

    hope this helps
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    If you are using WordPress, you can install S2 Member plugin to make you site a membership site. The free plugin is limited to 4 levels of membership but is very good for beginning. I use the paid plugin called WP Member by Tips&Tricks HQ which can be integrated with their other plugins for WP eStore, WP Affiliate, etc. Overall, it is good. I am using this plugin for my Online Business Mastery System membership site.

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    I've used the Magic Members plugin - I think it's fine but I have read some reviews here on the forum where people haven't been able to get it working right. It works well for me - I take payments through WorldPay and PayPal.
    I have another site with OptimizePress that I've just started - My initial impression is that it's probably the better software although it takes a while to figure out how to use it properly
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    optimizepress is excellent for making a membership site
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    I'd probably end up using a wordpress plugin over Optimizepress since I'm on a strict budget.

    How do I set it up so that my members have to pay to gain access to the site first? Would I use something like jvzoo/clickbank or can I just have a paypal button on my site and after they pay it assigns them a login/password? Now sure how all those details work.

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    1. Get s2member. It's free and heavily supported. This means you get to experiment and play around with it as much as you want.

    2. Play around with s2member. No one has time to give you every single exact step. You have to take the time yourself to figure out what s2member has to offer. There are multiple ways to create a wall between your free content and your paid content. You can restrict entire posts, pages, categories, or you can create tags that restricts only certain ones.

    3. S2menber integrates with paypal. The paid version of s2member integrates with various others as well. Again, you're going to have to delve into the documentation to figure out exactly how to do this.
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    Optimize Press is the best way to go for this in my opinion.
    I had my membership site built for me, this is what was used. I thought it was going to be complicated but once I went inside and took a look I found it to be very user friendly and has just about everything you'll need to learn how to build a membership site from scratch..

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    In my humble opinion, having used it for countless products and a few WSOs as well, Fastmember takes some beating.

    It is easy to use... has more features that you can shake a stick at, it constantly developed, has top notch support...it even has its own autoresponder & affiliates programs if you choose to use them.

    All in all pretty awesome and not particularly expensive either
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      I have S2member on a couple of my sites and they have tones of video tutorials to walk you through all the setup and configuration steps. That is also a problem because there are a ton of videos and none are step 1, step 2...

      Andrew Hunter has a powerful membership plugin (MemberSonic) that I have on my main money membership sites but he also has a lite (free) version as a WSO that has training as well - right now it is 7 bucks Check It Out Here

      Hope that helps

      - Steve D.
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    Wordpress is good and there are a lot of plugins to build a membership site. Anyway it depends on if you are willing to pay for it or not. If you can pay for a membership script than there a better scripts out there rather than using Wordpress + Plugin
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    I hear a site Called SubHub.com works pretty well as a membership site and you can use it with wordpress.
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    Optimize Press is the one I would recommend. I've tried different platforms and I found that it was the easiest to use. You can also create squeeze pages etc which is awesome.
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      I'm using OptimizePress 2.1.7 and the Optimize Member plugin - 1.0.6 (I think). I do like it but it is buggy, and the documentation is incomplete. I did find some things weren't obvious to me and it took a bit of getting used to.

      Bit worried about the membership features, as if the user refreshes their browser when they get to the register link - it won't let them register anymore - becomes a support issue.

      If you get it, I find it cooperates with Mozilla Firefox better than IE or Chrome (as of Jan 2014).

      Important note - you can't use an iPad to edit your pages if using OptimizePress, as the modal editing windows don't display properly.

      Overall, I'm glad I got it for what it's worth, and once your used to it - it's fast and easy.
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    I've been using DAP for over 2 years and extremely happy with it. Loads fast, zero bloat, lots of options, GREAT support. Easy to use.
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