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Does anyone know anything about Ewen Chia's Cash Biz program or any information on any of his other programs?
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      No I didn't get the program. You are the only person who replied back
      to my post.

      No one let me know if they had tried the program or if the program even worked.

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        I am doing affiliate and Ewen Chia's product (AutoPilotProgram) is still giving me sales.
        I found that the way he teaches is practical and easy to understand.

        Ewen seems to send more than one email each day to his subscribers nowadays. I also do receive that. However, if you read his message and look at the frequency of his mailing, I believe we can learn this from him as he is still successful in this business.
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    I have tried his products in the past and had no success with them at all but maybe it was the the way i promoted.

    I`am looking for an honest legal business that can make real money online.
    I found one ??????http://successxxx.com

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    I previously bought 2 products from him.
    The "Shortcuts to 10k" and "Online Traffic Source"

    Only the "Shortcuts to 10k" I find it worthy but the other are just crap.

    The reason i bought cuz He's nominated as Amazon's Super Affiliate for 3 times in a row.
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    Originally Posted by thir25 View Post

    Does anyone know anything about Ewen Chia's Cash Biz program or any information on any of his other programs?
    Ewen Chia used to sell some very helpful marketing courses and IM instruction. For about the last five years though, he's been more about promoting other internet marketer's drivel, that aint so great, and even his stuff, for about the last few years also, hasn't been helpful, ESPECIALLY to the newbie, which is what almost all of his courses advertise themselves as being tailored to. This is just my opinion.

    So far, out of all the Gurus that >>I<< have dealt with over the years, and that has been many, the only ones that I think have pretty much always delivered helpful courses and still do, are Marlon Sanders, Jimmy D Brown, and Jim Daniels.
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    EC's stuff is simple to follow and he practises what he preaches, and he does overdeliver, though some people may criticize him, as more newbies oriented.

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    The guys a scammer, trying to unsubscribe from his emails is a mission, especially after getting a constant dozen emails a day over a 24 hr period.
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    I think his stuff was popular back in 06'. He probably hasn't updated anything since then.
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    Oh Ewen Chia!! This is one of the first internet guru I heard and knew
    about way back in those days when I began the internet marketing
    stuff as a newbie.So much a long time now.
    God BLESS Him.
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    If you find his biography, you will see most of his, at least low end, products are beefed up PLR. I purchased several of his products and found that I already had the original PLR he used.

    I would say that the most I learned from him was how to rewrite and publish PLR, LOL.

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