anyone has review of cpa list crusher?

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Hi all,
I am very new to the internet marketing arena and just started out today.. was wondering if anyone have bought products from Korte bros, Damon and Shea before ?
Anyone has any review on this new product Cpa list crusher ( )? How was it?

Sincerely hope any kind soul can kindly enlighten me.
Thank you.
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    the worst course ever from step 1-3 he try to sell the template of his squeeze page, then all the book is with links, the course says to upload videos and you will have 50+ subs per day lol.......... what a morron he don't tell how to rank the videos so the videos probly will have 100 views top.....
    clickbanking? seriously?

    ad swaps? yes cool but you need to upgrade the acc 30$ or so...
    a d f .l y links were NOT allowed here!!! ahahahahahahaha worldwide the traffic s**** and he say he receive alot of english speaking countries another lie. he also said that he receieve optins,true but the quallity sucks, people there are looking to download something so they wait for 5 sec and hit skip add they aren't interested in biz opp, alot of times are kids under 18 and they want to see avideo or something like that.......

    probably the worst course i ever read....

    thats my honest review,
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