What is the best photo/image editing software?

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Hi all, what do you consider the most efficient, easiest way to edit images/photo's/themes? Price doesn't matter here. What has worked for you guys?
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    PhotoShop to buy.

    For free ImageForge.

    George Wright
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  • Photoshop is surely not the easiest but clearly the most well known, respected, and powerful. And if you take the time to learn how to do the things you need to do with it... then it's well worth the investment.
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      Photoshop is the best but when I resize 100 jpg files I use ACDsee Pro.

      We Love Free Download

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    Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard. One of its big advantages is that there's an enormous amount of training materials available for it. I've used it for many years.

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    Summed up in one word "Photoshop"!
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    Already been said but I agree with Photoshop. I used Paint Shop Pro for years before I finally coughed up the money for Photoshop and it was really worth it.
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    I'm loving Photoshop as there's just so many things you can modify and do with the program once you learn it.
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    of cource photoshop is the best
    but there are many other software outside there ..
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    Fireworks. It's much easier to use than Photoshop. You can get a 30 day fully working trial from adobe.

    If you're skint (i.e. broke), get GIMP. It's completely free and has lots of features.
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      i've used Fireworks and it is easier to use than Photoshop ...

      But Photoshop is the best!
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    Photoshop CS4, and GIMP as a free alternative.

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    photoshop is king imho

    you can watch tutorials online and the coresponding software is just as awesome!
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    Photoshop is fantastic but you might want to try lightroom as well. I do a lot of photography and lightroom is geared for photographers, so depending on what your wnting to do you will probably need photoshop. $20.00 spent with kelbytraining.com would also be a good move if you've never used photoshop before..
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        If you're on a mac aperture is very good, feature wise better than iphoto but not as good as photoshop but reasonably priced too.
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    Well by trade I am a Fashion and Glam photographer here in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I use yes you guess it - Photo Shop - but I then found a version of photo shop that is very fast and works well for what I use it for which is web design and image editing it's called "Photo Shop Micro" I can't say where I got it from but it has worked very well for me and does not bog down my computer as much as Photo Shop!
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    Photoshop is the best.It doesn't have any alternative however you are lookng for free stuffs then you can also try GIMP.
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    For simple graphics you can use Paint.net
    Best of all its free but packed with features.
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    Adobe photoshop or adobe fireworks.
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    My site covers a lot of these imaging apps as well as third-party add-ons.

    I use Photoshop as my main editor and the late great Canvas X for graphic design.

    Free digital imaging ezine and discounted Photoshop plug-ins

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